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2004-06-14 - 10:56 p.m.

A Day in the life of Me....a.k.a....Why I love Los Angeles:

~Went out in search of art supplies....ended up drinking martinis at Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills.

~Sat next to a guy who hired a production company to build sets in his house for his 40th birthday party....he also hired make up artists for the ladies....and towncars to take everyone home after.

~Had the opportunity to have an egg salad and caviar on brioche sandwich....but turned it down because it sounded too high in fat.

~Turned down lobster quesadillas....too spendy.

~Later, caved in and had a simple grilled ham and cheese panini (spendy and high in fat...should have just gone with the caviar sandwich!)

~Took a wrong turn on the way home and ended up heading to Malibu.

~Finally managed to get turned around and decided to stop at Casa del Mar for refreshments (a martini and the panini sandwich listed above.....but I was good, I turned down the home made potato chips...and that was difficult!)

~Stopped in Venice on the way search of a henna tattoo, but ended up buying a hoody instead...and that took all my cash, so no tattoo.

~Headed home following a guy in a convertible who would check himself in the mirror and pluck out grey hairs at every stop light. (It's a wonder he has any hair left!)

~Stopped at the store to buy some champagne and realized that I have bought so much wine already this year that I've earned $10 off my next wine purchase!

~Got home....opened champagne.

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2004-06-12 - 4:26 p.m.
So you know how some guys wear those super baggy pants that hang real low, almost to the point of falling down....their butt crack or underwear is showing, and they have to hang on to the pants just so they can walk. You know what I'm talkin' about....that "hip-hop gangsta" look.

Well, as I was going out today, there was one of those hip-hop gangsta guys in the lobby who was carrying some stuff to his car. Since he had an arm load of heavy stuff, I asked him if he needed me to open the door. He said that'd be I held the door and then walk out behind him. As we were walking out, he turned to me and said...." wouldn't mind pulling my pants up would you?"


It took me about half a second to realize he was asking me to pull his pants up!!!! And he was completely serious...he really expected me to pull his pants up for him. I told him that was not something I was gonna do, and quickly walked away. So he struggled to his car with his arms full and pants falling down to his ankles! Too funny. did those stupid pants come into fashion?? Do these guys think this is a new way to pick up girls?! "Hey baby, would you pull my pants up?" Oy.

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2004-06-10 - 3:54 p.m.

Interestingly, my paintings were featured on what appears to be a Japanese website today....and I had a ton of hits! Gotta love the internet for it's international qualities!

(And for everybody who's coming here searching for my paintings....some of them are for sale right now on eBay. If you are interested in any of my other paintings, just drop me a line in the comments or email me.)

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2004-06-09 - 11:13 p.m.

Honey....I'm home!

You know you've been away for a long time when all your wall calendars say it's still April. (If only they would charge my rent based on when I'm actually would be like half price!) Anyway, I'm back in Los Angeles after being on the road for far too long. Sometimes I wonder why I bother going broke to keep this place, but then when I get back here I realize that this is home....this is where I want to be.
(And don't worry....the living room is not quite as cluttered as in the picture above. I took that photo before my major earth~moving~cleaning~and~organizing project. When I got back this time, I had forgotten that I'd done a major clean up before I left....I almost thought the place had been robbed, it was so clean!)

Anyway, not much to post tonight....just trying to get settled after being away for so long. But stay never know what will happen next.......

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2004-06-07 - 11:07 a.m.
My neighbors have loud obnoxious barking dog that they leave out in their back yard. It usually only barks when we walk over by the fence or when there's some noise or commotion going until recently, it's not been too annoying. But now they also have a parrot. And the parrot has learned to bark like the dog. So now the parrot and the dog bark at each other. It would actually be kind of cute and funny.....if they didn't live right next door!

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