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2004-05-07 - 9:43 p.m.
For those of you can never have too much nudity in your life, go on over and check out my friend over at Art Nudes. He does an amazing job of finding the fabulous and unusual when it comes to nude photography. (And he was kind enough to put a link to me on his site!) So go on over there and show him some love!

In other news.....well, there is no other news! I'm back in San Francisco, but nothing too exciting is going on (which is probably a good thing!) We're taking the day off tomorrow to go wine tasting (yes, I know you think we do that ALL the time, but usually we go champagne tasting.....tomorrow we're going to go drink wine.) Then Sunday, we're off to celebrate Gnome-girl's birthday. Since her party is a bit of a drive from our house, we decided to book a room at a cheesy tiki style motel for that night.....which might prove to be an adventure in itself!

So stay tuned.....I'm sure there will be stories to be told before this weekend's over........

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2004-05-04 - 9:32 p.m.
Yes, it's that time again....I'm hitting the road tomorrow. First stop San Francisco.....then Milpitas on Sunday for a potential party....then Astoria. Anybody need a ride?? (Actually, I should be asking, "anybody got a truck?" If you've got a truck, and you're in CA....I've got some big things I need hauled to Oregon!)

Anyway, I may not be updating here for the next day or two....but stay tuned, I'm sure something's bound to happen along the way.....see ya soon!

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2004-05-03 - 11:12 p.m.
So today was one of those days when almost everything that could go wrong did go wrong. But in the end, I did end up with a little gem of an item that might be like a lottery ticket on the Antiques Road Show!

It started out as just a routine day.....I went to get my camera out of the repair shop. But traffic was so bad on the freeway that I decided to go exploring and find a faster way home. Yeah right! I ended up getting lost, and my half hour trip turned into a frenzied 4 hour drive.

At first, I was actually having a pretty good time exploring new territory.....until I stopped at the thrift store! There, I spotted two items that I know are worth something....way more than what they were marked at ($16 total for both items). I was in a hurry to buy them because there were two other antique dealers shopping there at the time (they kept finding things and saying to each other, "Do you think we can sell this?") I wanted to make sure I bought and paid for the items before the other two discovered them. (Antique dealers can be ruthless!!)

But then I step up to the cashier.....and find I have no wallet. NO WALLET!!

Yes, I was a moron and left my wallet in my other purse. I never do that. I always check. But not today. Arghhhh!!!!! I had my check book, my AAA card, my Bevmo card....but no money, no credit cards, no deal. So I asked if they could hold the items, no deal. So I had to race home, then all the way back before the store closed...and before anyone else noticed these valuable items!!

Of course, I was still lost at that point. I had my GPS going, but that didn't help too much.....every shortcut I took either landed me in circles or took twice as long. I found a branch of my bank along the way and stopped....but no ID, no money (I think that ordeal took at least a half an hour!) Finally, I got home, got my wallet, and raced back....on the main highway that I was trying to avoid in the first place (it was much faster!) Luckily, the items were still there!

So in the end, I got (what I believe to be) a sterling silver teapot from the 20's and a ceramic cat from the 30's. I'm no expert in antiques, but I've been in the business for 13 years so I have a pretty good idea of what's what. I'm quite sure the teapot is worth $100 - $200, but I need to research it some more. The ceramic cat could be quite valuable also....or could be worth nothing, but for $6 it's worth the gamble.

Oy....a long day spent racing around in the car! Hopefully it will all pay off in the end. And I actually did apply for tickets to the Antiques Road Show (in August) cross your fingers that I actually get to go and that all my racing around was worth something!!

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