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2004-03-22 - 11:20 p.m.
We had an earthquake tonight! Did you feel it?? It was a 2.9 and was centered just a couple of blocks from my apartment in Playa del Rey. Nothing was damaged, of course, but I definitely felt it. It was like something huge had smacked the side of the building in one big jolting thwap! The dishes rattled, and for a brief moment it felt like the whole building was just going to topple over. And then it was over, like nothing had happend. Very exciting. We even had a mini aftershock of 1.9.

Yes, I know those are mini earthquakes (actually micro earthquakes according to the USGS), but I am obsessed with earthquakes. I have no idea what attracts me to them, but I am facinated by the whole thing...the movement of the earth, the movement of structures, why some collapse and others don't, etc. Almost every day I check the quake maps to see where they're happening and how big.

This was only the fourth earthquake I've ever felt. And ironically, although California is known for it's earthquakes, the biggest one I've been in was in Seattle a few years back (it was about a 6.9, I think.) And that was scary! It seemed like it was never going to end, and I was sure the building was going to kept rocking and swaying for a long time after the actual quake was over. (I hope I'm not at the apartment in Playa if a quake that big ever hits....I have a feeling it wouldn't make it.)

Well, goodnight everybody....I'm going to go get into bed before the next one hits!

PS....In case you didn't get to feel the earth move today, just click the button below.

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2004-03-21 - 8:48 p.m.

Gotta love those roadside attractions.

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2004-03-19 - 6:14 p.m.
So where was I? I was actually in San Francisco at the corner of 4th and Mission, standing under the neon at the Metreon. I can't believe none of you guys guessed that! (*wink*) Anyway, I told you it wasn't all that exciting......but it was fun having you guess. Now I'm getting ready to drive back to L.A. (It's beginning to feel like I really do live in my car these days.)

Aside from all that, today I actually laid out in the sun, completely in the nude.....and it was fabulous. I can't remember how many years it's been since I laid in the sun! I used to lay out on my roof in Astoria, on those really rare days when it was actually warm enough to tolerate being out there sans clothing, but I've never been much of a sun bather. I tend to burn rather than tan....and over the years I've devolped that fear of "premature wrinkling" and skin cancer to the point where I've actually been known to lecture my own sister about the evils of tanning! But today I just needed an infusion of sun....and it was so nice and warm out....and the grass in our back yard looked soooo I did it. Do I look tan???!

And another unusual thing I did today is re~wire a lamp. Can you believe it?! I might be turning into Martha Stewart. I've never had a problem doing heavy duty home repair.....I've replaced toilets and sinks, I can chop or saw wood....but I've always been afraid of doing electrical things. It's like a phobia. But today I did it! I re~wired something and did not get electrocuted in the process!! Yay! Champagne anyone??

Well, I better get back to my *normal* life, and start packing for my long drive tomorrow. See ya later everybody.....don't forget to take some time out to get naked and catch some sun! (You people in the snowy areas can disregard that last bit. (*wink*)).

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2004-03-16 - 11:02 p.m.

Where am I??? Stay tuned......

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