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2004-03-02 - 8:45 p.m.

Astoria Part 2:
So I originally decided to go to Astoria because my roof was leaking (did I already talk about that? I can't remember!) But I figured that since I was going to be there on a weekend anyway, I should have one of my notorious garage sales. I say "notorious" because I have a history of having irregular hours and people tend to flock to one of my garage sales as a rare event in the small town of Astoria. In the past, I have done this only when I was completely broke and needed to drum up business for my antique store (ususally once a year!)....and it was usually a crowded mayhem of people dying to get into my store. And it has always taken a minimum of two people to manage one of these sales, and even then, we have been swamped. (I'm not trying to flatter myself's just that the garage sale crowd in Astoria are like ravenous vultures!)

But this year, I was alone (as in, I had no man helping me).....and figured I could handle it myself. Oy!

Amazingly, it was an amazing success....probably one of the best sales I've had. But what caught me off guard and completely bugged me was that soooo many people talked down to me like I was just an employee or a renter. I had one guy ask how it was possible that a person like me could possibly own the building! Others asked to speak to the man that owned the business. Many people wanted to know if the property had recenty changed hands or was about to be sold or if I was going out of business. People were down right RUDE!

Ah well, whatever!!

Then the next day, as I was trying to recover from the garage sale, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck came to repair my roof (I swear it was them, really! Well, at least, it looked like them!).....and then I had another Matt Damon come and bring me wood (wow, that sounded a little risque, didn't it?!) But I'm saving those stories for Part 3. Hey....I gotta string you along a little bit!

Stay tuned........

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2004-03-01 - 11:07 p.m.
Hey! Where did everybody go??!!! Yesterday, I had all of nine (9) people view my site.....last week, I had 138 in one day. What's up with that?! Well, to you all (9) who came to read, I thank you! (And you know who you are!)

Anyway, so what's been happening with me?

Well, first, I drove up to Oregon and stayed at this motel (on my way back to Astoria). I have stayed at this place before, and it was fabulous....they have these little log cabins on a cliff above the ocean. But this time, there were HUGE termites running around in the living room (I squashed nearly a dozen!....and feared for what might be crawling in the bed!!)....and there was mold on the shower curtain, and stains on the bedspread. Oy! It was horrible. But oddly, I still have a fondness for the is so picturesque, but unfortunately, they've let the place go.

I told the management about the problems (in the nicest way I could), but they didn't seem too concerned. Hmmm. I will not be going back.

Then I arrived at my building in Astoria....where it was 48 degrees inside! (And I am so out of practice for chopping wood!) But I got the fires going (I have two wood stoves for a 5000 square foot area).....and then I nearly burned the place down by plugging in two electric heaters on the same circuit (I should know better after all these years!)

*But maybe I should have my wiring checked!*

And then!.....well, stay tuned, consider this *part one.* Tomorrow I'll tell you about the wicked garage sale....and maybe more about the crazyness of the washer. But for now I must get naked and get into the bath and into the bed.....I am sooooo tired!

Goodnight everyone.....see you tomorrow!!!

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