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2004-01-10 - 1:09 a.m.

Well it's a mixed bag tonight.

First, two of my closest blog buddies have gone AWOL on me....Zelda has just lost her job (and her internet connection), and Meg has just moved to a new place with no phone or internet for who knows how long. Both these gals need all your good thoughts! I almost feel like there's no point in blogging without them.....(which means the rest of you better step up to the plate and start commenting once in a while!!)

And in other news, tonight I had two emails from two separate people that I rarely have contact with (no contact at all actually, in a long while).....but the weird thing is, I just had a long and involved dream about one of them last night, and was thinking about contacting the other one this morning. Spooky! But I love it when that happens!

And finally, not that you care, but we got a new toilet tonight!! Yay!! Yes, I know that doesn't seem all that exciting......but when your old toilet dies (after being repaired too many times), and you spend a whole day "toilet-less".....getting a brand new shiny clean toilet is a really good thing. And after much toil over what should have been a really simple job, it was my Love's 10 year old son who saved the day. He was the only one who was small enough to crawl into the tight space between the tub and the toilet to hold the wrench so we could tighten a bolt!

Anyway, that's what's been going on here. Goodnight everybody.....hope all is well. Don't forget to comment once in a while!

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2004-01-06 - 5:20 p.m.
Hey, I got a tattoo today! Ok, well, so it's only a henna tattoo.....but still! So I went up to Venice today to run some errands and see about a few things, and I got completely side tracked into getting henna'ed. And silly me, part of what I wanted to do up there was talk to a couple of the street vendors......and here I was, sitting there in one of their booths.....but did I ask any of the questions I wanted to ask? No. I got too involved in the whole henna thing. But I do have a good excuse, I was on drugs! Ok, well, so it was only codeine (because I hurt my shoulder recently).....but still, you know, it was the drugs! Oy.

So anyway, Thursday I'm heading back up to San Francisco....which I'm looking forward to because I get to see my Love, but I'm also not looking forward to because I "get" to see the dentist. I absotively hate going to the dentist.....and this time I'm pretty sure she's going to tell me I have to have a wisdom tooth pulled. *Let's all now have a moment of silence for my wisdom tooth.* (Which is not to say that I will lose any wisdom by having this tooth pulled, mind you!) I predict there will be more codeine in my near future (or hopefully something stronger!)

Alright, that's all I have to report right now. The rest of you people should go on over and check out Zelda's tales of her travels to's setting up to be quite an interesting tale!

See ya later everybody!

P.S. The tattoo I got looks very similar to the picture below, which is a tattoo I got last year. I like the scorpion! (even though I'm a gemini)

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