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2003-11-13 - 5:23 p.m.
In the very early morning, I woke up and thought of something incredibly interesting to blog about. I thought, "That's it! I've got to blog this!" Then I went back to sleep......and now, for the life of me, I can't remember what it was!!!

I do remember that it was going to start off, "The burning question of the day is......" But then I thought, no....I can't use the word "burning" in the beginning because I'm going to use the word "burning" in the actual question. So as I was trying to figure out a better way to say it, I fell asleep. Now you'd think that if I can remember that many details, I would surely be able to piece it together and remember the whole thing. But no! Oy.

So help me out here....what is the burning question of the day??!

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2003-11-13 - 12:05 a.m.
So you all know by now that my cat is like my child. She travels everywhere with me. She has been with me for exactly half my life (which is pretty old for a cat, but she seems amazingly young for her age). And she is very perceptive: I once knocked over her food bowl when I was in a hurry, figuring I'd clean it up when I returned. When I got back, she had wet and made a mess similar and close to the food that I had spilled. It was like a retaliation!

I've heard that cats do that. If there is something in their environment that disturbs them, they will act out (much like many humans I know!). So this brings me to our latest problem: for the last three days (that I know of), the cat has been consistently wetting in the middle of our bedroom floor. Now this is really not something that she is known for. I have a very unusual and amazing cat....people who hate cats or are allergic to cats, LOVE my cat! Including, my Love.....who almost didn't want to have a relationship with me because I had a cat. He swore that he was allergic to cats. Now, that cat sleeps on HIS pillow, above HIS head while we are sleeping....he loves that cat, and the cat loves him!

So anyway.....she's wetting out of place, and I don't know what to do! I'm a bit worried that she's sensing my feelings about my Love's new job (she is wetting on his stuff). But that would just be too weird. ( Or is it?) But still, that doesn't give me any solultion to the problem! Oy. So what to do?!

Well, goodnight everyone. I'm going to go check my lottery tickets.

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2003-11-12 - 12:05 a.m.
Ok, I don't have much to say tonight even though I have all kinds of thoughts floating around in my head. Still trying to get used to my Love's new work schedule (he has to get up at 4am....just a few hours from get there in time!).....and still trying to find a way to win the lottery!

I've been essentially self employed all my life....which doesn't mean I didn't have to work (Oy! let me tell you!).....but I have my own hours, I am my own boss. And when my Love and I first got together, his work schedule was very flexible, we had a lot of time. When he lost his job (company reorganization, Oy!), we had all the time in the world was like we were independently wealthy or something. And you've read all the stories of our escapades and travels. But now, all that has changed, and I am kind of freaking out!!

Yes, I know, we have been incredibly lucky.....on many levels. But, still it's a big adjustment....for both of us. So that is what my mind is full of tonight......lots of thoughts. I feel like this is just temporary, but I know that it is not. Arghhh.

Well, goodnight everybody.....I promise to try to be more cheery tomorrow!

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2003-11-10 - 12:55 p.m.
The people that live behind us are having a tree cut down today. I hadn't really paid too much attention to it except to notice that they've been chainsawing away at it.....all morning! Still, I wasn't giving it much thought......until just now, when one of the guys yelled, "No! Don't....DON'T DO THAT!!! Then there was a brief buzz of the chainsaw......and now all is silent. Hmmm......

Anyway.....I'm back! Sorry for that blogging hiatus, but not too much has been going I decided to take a little break. The only really big news is that my Love finally started a new job, after being in the ranks of the unemployed for a year and a half! And I should be really excited about it......but this severly cuts into our galavanting life that he is working 10 hour days. Yes, I know that's very selfish of me.....but I have been spoiled, I tell you! For a year and a half, I've had him all to I have to share him with the job! Oy. But he is happy, so it's all good. I just have to learn to entertain myself now........either that, or win the lottery!

Hey....I just heard the chainsaw start up again! I wonder what's taking them so long......maybe I should go investigate (and go buy some lottery tickets while I'm out!) See ya later everybody.

(*And Meg! When are you going to get here?! Your drink's getting warm!*)

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