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2003-10-20 - 6:03 p.m.

So regarding my last post, Zelda asks, "What did you buy?!" Well, I bought a microwave. Yes, I know this seems like a practical purchase.....but it was not.

See, I do need a microwave, but not very badly. My toaster oven in Astoria is on the fritz, and will eventually need to be replaced.....but it's not a crashingly important issue, especially since I'm not there that much. But I got a bee in my bonnet (when I was drunk)....and decided that I had to buy a microwave right now! But it gets worse.....I became enamored with this little mini microwave made by's sooo cute. Oy!

Somehow, I got to believing that it was only $ cheap! Yay! But after much searching, I found that they're really more like $90. Hmmmm. But then I thought of ebay!! And that was my downfall!

I bid on one that was close to that original $35 figure.....but it soon escalated to $55. Still, that was within my price range....and I had to have it! Auction fever took over. Oy. I won.

Fast forward to the next morning, hangover in hand.....I look closely at the auction I bid on. Oy. Not only does it not guarantee the color of the microwave (I thought I was bidding on the blue one!).....but it turns out that shipping is an extra $17!!! Ouch. And on top of that, the seller has had some bad reviews. Oy! My aching head!!!

So, people! never let me shop when I am drunk, OK?! If you only knew how many stupid purchases I have made under the influence of alcohol.....Oy! (yes, I know I use that word toooo much....but it's my own swear word! OK?!)

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2003-10-20 - 11:07 a.m.

Two things:
1. Don't let me shop when I'm drunk.
2. Don't let me change my email settings when I'm drunk.

Oh....and don't let me drink. Oy.

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2003-10-16 - 11:23 p.m.
Is it Friday already?! It must be.....I'm doing the The Friday Five:

1. Name five things in your refrigerator.
Since I live in so many places, I usually only keep a few neccessities at each place, but I also travel with a cooler full of the day~to~day, as~needed items. Generally, I always have yogurt, tuna for my cat, some type of cheese, milk, and some champagne or wine.

2. Name five things in your freezer.
I always have ice, of course.....for those drinks that are shaken and not stirred! But I also have a lot of frozen Lean Cuisine type dinners for those nights when I get in after a 12 hour drive and don't want to cook. And in L.A, we usually have salmon in the's cheap to get at Costco, and we have a deck where we can barbeque it.....(I wish I had some now!) There's also a lot of ice packs in all of our freezers.....much needed for travelling.....or for knee problems. And then there's all that misc stuff that seemed like a good idea to freeze for a later date, but should probably be thrown out now.

3. Name five things under your kitchen sink.
I usually keep all the chemical~ly type things under there....bug spray, cleaning products, car wax, sponges....and anything else that doesn't seem to belong anywhere else.

4. Name five things around your computer.
Right now I see my cell phone, a small glass of gin with an ice cube in it, an unopened bottle of vitamins, my cat, and a lottery ticket. This list varies greatly depending on which location I'm at.....but that's my line of vision right at this second.

5. Name five things in your medicine cabinet.
Since I'm always on the road, my medicine cabinet is my make up bag. I always carry ibuprofen, lip balm, eye make up remover, my cat's medications (she has high blood pressure), and scissors. The list could go on and on......but thankfully, the question only asked for five.

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