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2003-10-15 - 11:47 p.m.

I've been realizing more and more that you people out there who read my blog.....most of whom I've never met......have a better idea of where I am at any given moment, than my parents do. My parents, of course, don't read my blog. (And don't any of you go and tell them about it either! ) But, they do know that I live in several cities, and I talk to them several times a week. However, they have a strange habit of planning trips to see me......without telling me! Usually, I am not in the city they plan to travel to.

Fortunately, this week I got into San Francisco the day before they had to leave (they had driven down from Seattle *1000 miles* to see me....but forgot to ask if I was going to be there this week!) But luckily we did get part of one day to see each other.

Which brings me to The Wave Organ. Usually when my parents come to S.F, I am scrambling to figure out how to entertain them. Yes, I know what you're thinking, how is that possible??! San Fran is loaded with stuff to do! But my parents....they are difficult. They are timid and easily frightend...they don't go with the flow...they don't like to drink...they don't like to eat different kinds of food...they don't want to walk any great distance...and they don't particularly like people who are *different*.....Oy! They always ask me what on earth it is that I like about San Francisco.....oy!

But then, as I was taking a bath, listening to the water gurgle down the drain.....inspiration struck. The Wave Organ! It was close to where they were staying, a short walk, it didn't involve exotic food or weird was perfect, it was safe! And they loved it.

I guess I should explain. The Wave Organ is this thing that has been built out on the end of a jetty, with pipes going out into the water to capture the sounds of the waves. Little alcoves have been built where you can sit and listen to the sounds.....and the sound can be quite amazing, depending on the waves. Sometimes it sounds like musical instruments, sometimes it's just a gurgling or knocking....but it's fascinating.

Legend has it that there used to be a phone number you could call to listen to the sounds....but then they started getting a huge volume of calls, so they decided to investigate. It turns out that people were not calling to hear the wave sounds, but to hear the conversations of the people who were *making out* in the little alcove! Well, needless to say, you can't call and hear the *waves* anymore. But it's still a cool place to go, to take your parents, to picnic, make out!

Anyway, that's all I've got for tonight.....I've been with my's time for a cocktail!! Goodnight everyone.

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2003-10-14 - 10:51 p.m.

I hate the Oregon Coast. Do you see that picture up there?! When it's's sooo good I never wanna leave. Why does it always have to turn fabulous, just when I have to leave??! But then when I'm actually living there, it storms and rains and blows and is just down right miserable! Oy!

So I've been up in Oregon for the last little bit, which is why the blogging had ground to a resources up there! Then we decided to drive down the coast on our way back and stay at The Shamrock Lodgettes. And although we probably could have got on the internet just wouldn't have been right!

Instead we just kicked back and enjoyed the fabulous ambiance of staying in a log cabin (that was built in the 1940's) overlooking the ocean. It was too good, the weather too fabulous, the place too peaceful, too beautiful.......just as perfect as it possibly could be. And then we had to leave!
Did I mention how I hate the Oregon Coast?? It always does this to me. It seduces makes me want to pushes me lures me's an addiction.........

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