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2003-10-05 - 8:10 p.m.
Alright, Monday night we'll be staying at The Railroad Park Resort in Dunsmuir, CA.....which we already know has no way to connect to the internet.....then we'll be driving all day Tuesday to get to don't expect to see me online any time soon. Knowing me, late night Wednesday will be the first time I'll have a chance to post again.

So stay tuned everybody......I'll be back!!

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2003-10-04 - 10:46 p.m.
So tonight I was playing with a trial version of Corel Painter 8. This is a $300 program that lets you paint as though you are actually painting on canvas with oils, or painting on paper with water colors.....or what ever medium you like....and you can mix them all together if you want. I sooooo want this program!! The trial version alone is amazing....but it doesn't give you all the features, and you can't save your creation.....thus, I have nothing to show you.

But the funny thing is, I made a super abstract painting with it....which I loved......but my Love hated it, and his kids LOVED it! They were even inspired enough to get out their regular paints and start painting. But what does that say about my art abilities?? Is that a good thing.....hmmm.....

Well, goodnight everyone.....I guess I need to find a way to show you the picture, so you can decide.

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2003-10-02 - 10:48 p.m.

I hate to say I have nothing to say.....but I really don't have much today.

I've been busy all day with tedious little computer and phone things....and now my brain is fried. But stay tuned, I'll do my darndest to come up with something interesting over the weekend.....and then on Monday, we're doing the epic drive back to Astoria. Oh...and I have a new little camera phone deal I'll be testing that out and hopefully get some postable photos along the way.

But for now....Happy Trails, everybody! See you next week!

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2003-09-30 - 7:32 p.m.
Hello from San Francisco!
It's been a longggg day.....I got up at 5am....and then drove for six and a half hours! Those of you who know me, know that I'm more likely to be going to bed at 5am! Oy. I should have just stayed up all night. So right now I have officially entered into zombie mode.....which means I have absolutely nothing interesting to say. And I'm on dial-up I should probably just go take a bath.

Goodnight everybody.....see you tomorrow.....after I've slept in really late.

(PS.....Jenn, if you try to call me and get a busy's that darned dial up thing. Try my cell phone instead. Thanks!)

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2003-09-29 - 12:06 a.m.

I don't even know how to begin to tell you about our evening with James Brown at the Hollywood bear with me while I stumble through trying to tell you how strange and fabulous it was.

First off, The Bus. You all know how much I can't stand public transportation....but when we go to the Bowl, we take their bus/shuttle thing...(because you have too, you'd be insane to try to park there!) This time, they had screwed up somehow, and the bus we got on was the last bus.....there were supposed to be two more busses.....but no! So this bus we were on had to wait and load as many people as possible because...that was it! We got there early, expecting to get on a later bus, but instead, were lucky to get a the time we pulled out, I was suprised we didn't have people clinging to the roof!!

Anyway, somehow we all arrived in one piece, just in time to rush to our seats....and the concert opened with Macy Gray, who was amazingly fabulous! At first, I was afraid I was going to be bored with her performance, and I could tell that the crowd was maybe a bit too old to get into her music.....but then she kept kicking it up and kicking it up, until finally she had almost everyone on their feet, and she had us all singing the words to her new song, line by line. She was amazing (did I say that already?!). At times she was so moving that people were weeping....even some of her band members. There was one point when we lost sight of where she was because a group of dancers had come on stage.....then we realized that she was walking right in front of us, in the crowd! Very cool!

Of course we always try to sneak our cameras into these events, but this time we were sitting so close to the stage that they had all kinds of security. We were trying to be discreet, but there was this one security woman (who reminded me of some little old school principal or something).....she was keeping an eye on us, even came up and reprimanded us once....No Photos!! But we did manage to click off a couple when she wasn't looking!

And then, James Brown. What can I say, but he puts on quite a show! The only indication that he's getting old, is that he didn't do the splits this time! But he makes up for that with everything else. If you've ever seen one of his shows, you know about the cape some point during the show a guy comes out and put a cape over him (I don't know how to describe it, you just have to have seen it)....anyway, the guy that brings out the cape is the same guy that's been with him since the beginning....incredible! If you ever get a chance to see James Brown, you must go....even if you don't like his music. Oddly, I don't actually like some of his music, but his show is so good that I've seen him twice now, and would go again in a second.

So there you go....The James Brown Show with Macy Gray. Fabulous! (did I say the word *fabulous* again?!) Goodnight everybody. Tomorrow I'm off to San Francisco, so you probably won't here from me till Tuesday. Stay tuned......

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