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2003-09-15 - 11:20 p.m.

Well here's a trip down memory lane for me! Long ago and far away, I lived in Seattle and managed two buildings. I had many tenants....some of them were fabulous, some of them were not. But there was this one guy who had a fabulous band....The Tiny Hat Orchestra.

I don't know why, but something struck me out of the blue today to do a search for this band. Unfortunately, the band broke up in 1994 (although you might still find one of their CD's on Amazon)....but really, the most amazing thing to me is the photo above. That photo was taken from the roof of the building I lived in and managed for many years.....and in the background, shows the other building that I managed (which has since been torn down and has a high rise in place!)

Yeah, I know that doesn't mean all that much to you guys.....but to me it was like running across an old family photo!

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2003-09-13 - 11:32 p.m.

The Laundry Question.

Is there such a thing as *laundry room etiquette*?? I really think someone should create a manual for this and hand it out to every person that uses a shared laundry room. Don't you think?!

My biggest pet peeve is people who monopolize all the laundry machines at once, and then proceed to monopolize all of them again, immediatly after. Can't they leave just one machine open for the pour souls who have been waiting all day to do one quick but important load??

Then there are the people who never come back to finish their laundry, leaving it to you...if you're desperate enough, to take it out and put it somewhere so you can finish you're laundry.

Of course, I try to never be one of those types.....I always set a timer so I can get my laundry the minute it's finishes (yes, I have slipped up and forgotten to go back....but let's not talk about that now!!) So today, I'm doing laundry....the timer goes off....and I run downstairs to put it in the dryer. I couldn't have been more than 2 or 3 minutes late.....but already a woman is taking my stuff out of the washer and putting it in the communal rolling cart! (This is the cart that is used for everything from dirty laundry to hauling garbage!) Eewww! I apologize for being late to get my stuff out of the washer (3 minutes late?)....and vow to be back the minute my stuff is done in the dryer. I even set my timer so that it goes off a few minutes early. Well, I get down there, and she's already taking my stuff out of the dryer! I'm not sure it had even finished it's cycle yet. Hmmm. It might have been nice if she had given me at least 5 minutes to come down and get my laundry......don't you think?! Oy!

I think I see my write the Laundry Etiquette Handbook!!

Goodnight everybody.....I hope you have some clean clothes to wear tomorrow!

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