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2003-09-10 - 9:39 p.m.

You gotta love yard art like this!

We've started taking walks around our neighborhood (in an effort to work off some of those martinis) and discovered that there's some pretty funky yard art in our hood. I took a ton of pictures tonight, but it started getting dark, so this is the only one that really came out. But how often do you see a display like that of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves??!!

Goodnight everyone......what's in your yard???!

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2003-09-09 - 11:03 p.m.

Yeah, you guessed it......I'm running low on things to say, so I thought I'd post a picture! (But least I'm posting something!) Anyway, I took this from an overpass on the freeway near our house (in the Bay Area). For some reason, I'm always fascinated by looking over at the cars rushing underneath. (Maybe because I'm usually in one of those cars!)

But stay tuned know something interesting is bound to happend sooner or later (like James Brown at the Hollywood Bowl!! (coming soon!)

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2003-09-09 - 12:33 a.m.
Tonight we had the most incredible appetizer of grilled peaches wrapped in prosciutto, layered with shaved parmesan reggiano, and lightly drizzled with basalmic vinegar. I could eat this everyday for the rest of my life!!! (And, you know, it hits almost all the 4 food groups!)

In other news, I have developed a new freckle! Yes, I am a red head by nature (even though my hair is currently black)....but I don't tend to freckle, much. But a new freckle now....after all these years....well, it's just...disturbing! And it's on my face. Yeah, I know, I'm sooooo vain!

Well, goodnight everybody....I hope you'll ponder all this and offer me some encouraging words in the morning. (*wink*)

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2003-09-06 - 9:34 p.m.
Well it's never a dull moment here at DogsDon'tPurr.....last night we had a fire truck, an aid car, and several paramedics show up at our house.

Of course, you probably know from previous posts that my Love is diabetic (has been since he was 10)....and there are troubles that come with that. One trouble that we deal with often is low blood sugar......which mainly happens due to too much exertion, too little food, or too much insulin. Low blood sugar has many symptoms, but the most common symptom is the person starts acting a little goofy (like they are drunk).....but if the sugar is dropping fast they can become half unconscious and eventually get into convulsions. Usually things don't progress to that point....he checks his sugar and eats something when he starts getting low.

But last night, I woke up at 3:30 in the morning and he was convulsing. I started giving him that's the best thing to give a diabetic to get them out of insulin shock. But it wasn't working. I was able to get him to stop convulsing....but I couldn't get him back to being conscious. Usually after 45 minutes, I've been able to get him out of severe lows (please know that this type of low is a rare occurance). But whatever I was doing was not I called 911. I've never had to do that before, but I was scared.....he wasn't coming out of it.

Almost immediatly, a fire truck showed up...they gave him some glucose and oxygen while waiting for the aid car.....then the paramedics arrived and hooked him up to an IV and other things. (Amazingly, throughout this whole thing, our cat stayed right on the bed beside him. Normally, she'll jump up and hide if even his kids come in the house. But even with 7 paramedics in the room, she held her ground....I think she was being protective!)

Finally, he came back to life! They kept asking him where he was, what year it was, etc......when he could finally answer one of their questions, the fire dept. guys clapped. Yay....he's come out of it! (They were an amazing group of people...full of humor...bubbly in the face of frightening things.)

Anyway, they took him to the hospital just to make sure he was OK. And here's the really weird part. I get there and there's a security guard at the door.....but he doesn't speak English!! Oy! But finally I do find someone who can talk to me, but she tells me to just sit and wait......because there's another woman ahead of me who has been shot 3 times! (The hospital was not in the best neighborhood!)

Finally, though, the paramedic guy comes and finds me, and everything is OK. We stay at the hospital until 6:00am, then they let us go home. Later we figured out that this all happened because he had taken too much insulin because of a mis-calculation. He ended up taking 4 times more insulin than he should have. But he is just fine now...just like this never happened! (And he promises he's going to design a spreadsheet to deal with his meds, so this doesn't happen again in the future.) that's my news for now. Goodnight everybody.....I think I need to get some sleep!

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