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2003-08-19 - 8:33 p.m.
Well I guess I should give you an update, since I've been offline for a while. The last few days have just been chaos....but first I should start with the *fire* since so many people asked about that! Have no worries, the fire was very minor and there was no damage. My contractor guy was using a torch to cut a bolt off the dropped onto the dry grass below, and started flaming. Fortunately there was a bucket, a sink, a hose and a fire extinguisher near the fire got snuffed out immediatly. We were very fortunate!

So anyway, after that I drove up to Seattle to see my knee doctor and my family. My knee has been given a clean bill of health (the doctor was actually impressed that I was doing so well....yay!)

But then I went to visit the family....and things turned sour! I've never had a good relationship with my mother....we have issues (which I won't go into detail now). Forever, I have just let "sleeping dogs lie" as they say....I've tried to ignore and avoid the issues....even though she continues to pick at old wounds. This time I just couldn't stand it anymore and I snapped. I was very short with her, she tried to appologize for past wrongs....but I just couldn't deal with it. I didn't accept her apology as gracefully as I should have.

Of course, I felt guilty about the way I handled the situation.....but she was just pressing all the wrong buttons. Things needed to be said. More things still need to be said, but I just don't want to go there. Overall, it was just terribly draining and stressful. And then I had the four hour drive back to Oregon to think about it all. Oy!

Normally, I try to not blog the negative things....but the last few days have just been wrong, and I think I just needed to say that (it's not all cocktails and sunsets all the time!)

Anyway....tomorrow I do the *epic* drive back to San Francisco....I get to see my Love again, and everything will feel better. See you in a couple days!

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2003-08-16 - 11:22 p.m.

Well today turned out to be rather exciting. My contractor set the building on fire, installed a window that wasn't planned for, then broke it....and then broke it again! (Clearly, he was having a bad day.) But fortunately, we all lived through it, and I now have a fabulous new window in the kitchen area!

Actually, my contractor guy is amazing.....he has put countless hours into fixing up this building, and everything has always been done to perfection. I can't was just one of those days when everything goes wrong. But it was exciting, to say the least!

I wish I could show you just how fabulous this new window is......but I think you really had to have lived here to understand. When I bought the building 14 years ago, I had always planned to put a window in the kitchen area (I even bought the window way back then)....but it just never got done. So that part of the living space was always quite dark (keep in mind that this is a warehouse that I converted into a living space)....but now it is soooo bright and light. I can't seem to stop myself from running over and looking out the window every 5 minutes, just to enjoy the view. And it actually make the place look way more huge! (Can you tell I'm excited!?!)

Anyway, the pic below was snapped as they were cutting the hole for the new window (and everything looks like chaos in that picture!)...but like I said, you really had to have been here....the picture doesn't do it justice! When they get it all finished, I'll try to get a better pic.

So goodnight everyone, I must go get ready for my trip up to Seattle tomorrow. Hopefully there will be internet access at the hotel up there....if not, I'll see you in a couple days!

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2003-08-15 - 8:33 p.m.
So here is my crazy schedule for the next week or so:

Sunday: Drive to Seattle (4 hours from where I am now)....stay at a hotel that is directly across the street from the building I used to live in and manage (that will be freaky!).....and have dinner with family (that will be freaky too!)

Monday: Go see knee doctor for follow up (my knee and leg have not been getting along well since the surgery, and it was freaking me out so I scheduled the appointment......but sure enough, now that I'm here, everything seems fine! Isn't that always the way!?)....after the appointment, I make the 4 hour drive back to Astoria.

Tuesday Hopefully this will be a day of rest. I might possibly dye my hair.

Wednesday Make the epic 12 hour drive back to San Francisco. Oy!

Thursday Sleep late.....then take cat to vet for her routine appointment.

Friday Make semi~epic 7 hour drive to Los Angeles.

Saturday Go see Tony Bennett!!!!

Sunday Try to plan a week that doesn't involve epic drives and doctor appointments!

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