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2003-06-24 - 9:33 p.m.
Well I'm still having *technical difficulties* with my internet service....after having them in my house for half the day....then spending another several hours with them on the phone! Arg!....and I'm still on borrowed dial~up.

I don't feel like posting anything at all tonight......but don't worry, I'll be back tomorrow....I feel a major rant coming.

Goodnight everyone.....I think it's time for a cocktail!

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2003-06-23 - 10:46 p.m.

Today was an odd mix of frustration, irritation, and inspiration. I think the picture above sort of speaks for itself.......even barbed wire can be picturesque when the sun is setting.

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2003-06-22 - 6:12 p.m.

I saw this shrink wrapped truck today when I was out running around. At first I thought it was covered in cobwebs....but no, it was plastic. But why???

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2003-06-20 - 11:38 p.m.
I think my cable company is trying to get revenge. Remember earlier this week when I was having the cable TV disconnected, and they "accidentally" turned of my internet service too? Well, I had that all fixed.....until today. This morning when I turned on my internet.

So I call the cable company.....and you know how that goes. After about a thousand years, I finally get to someone, and he has me go through the usual unplug~power down~restart routine......but he can't find anything wrong. He seems bewildered.
After a long pause he says, "Oh....are you in southern California??"
Well, yeah.
"What's the model number on that modem?"
"Is there an orange sticker on the back?"
Uh, no.
"Oh! Well that's the problem!" sometime after midnight last night, the cable company decided they would no longer provide service to modems like mine...that don't have orange southern California. Uh Huh.

Revenge, I tell you, they're trying to get revenge.

Of course, you know there's nothing wrong with this modem....I've been using it for a's the one they gave me. Now all of a sudden I can't use this one??! And they gave no warning for this. Now I have to wait until Tuesday for someone to come out and fix it....."because it's not something I can fix myself," according to the cable company. (How about I just put an orange sticker on the back?!)
And to top things off....they don't even have a dial-up number I can use in the mean time.....I'm on my own for that! Argh!
So you see, I should never have cancelled the cable TV in the first place.....none of this would be happening right now. I'm sure of it.

Goodnight everyone, do a little web surfing for me!

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2003-06-19 - 11:42 p.m.
My mind is just blank blank blank tonight....can't think of anything to write....I'm just bleary~eyed staring at the screen.
In other news, though, I've had almost no alcohol today. ( you think there's a connection??!)

Goodnight everybody.....I think I need to go to bed!

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2003-06-18 - 10:55 p.m.

WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION = PIPE BOMB?? know I never post anything political on this site.....that's not what I'm about. But I saw an article today that just bugged me, so I have to blog about it. (Don't worry, we'll be back to our regularly scheduled programming tomorrow.)

So here's the gist of the story: a guy and his brother make a pipe bomb, guy parks in front of congresswoman's office with pipe bomb in car, pipe bomb goes off in car, guy gets all burned. No one else is hurt. There is no motive so far. The congresswoman's office had done some case work with guy's family, but on good terms.

Now, my take on the situation (and I could be way off) is that the guy was an idiot, he had a pipe bomb in his car, and as he was messing with went off. He probably inadvertently parked in front of the campaign office because it was in his neighborhood and there was a parking spot there. Yes, he was up to no good.....but I doubt he was a "suicide bomber" or a "terrorist."

But now, because of the "Patriot Act," this guy has been charged with terrorism and using a weapon of mass destruction. Hmmm.....

So does this mean that when they were looking for Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq.....they were looking for pipe bombs??!

That's all I've got to say on this subject

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