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2003-06-17 - 10:33 p.m.
Over the weekend I was at a flea market....and in a junk pile of non~descript stuff....I happened to spot a tiny pair of sterling silver camels. As I pulled them out of the reckage on the table, I realized they were earrings.....and they were only a dollar!

Anyway, today I cleaned them up and wore them for the first time.....very happy with my bargain, but not thinking about them too much.....until the liquor store. There's this gal that works there who I see pretty often, but she's never been really friendly, never really smiles....until tonight. She noticed my camel earrings, smiled and said, "Camel?!....Those are so beautiful, so different!" So we chatted a bit. And now I have made a friend.

Camel earrings, one dollar......friend at the liquor store, priceless!

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2003-06-16 - 10:25 p.m.
Well, I had the cable disconnected today (*let's have a moment of silence here*). I'm doing some extreme budgeting right now, and I figured that since I only watch about 2 shows a week, it was really pretty ridiculous to keep paying the $37 a month. After all, I've never had cable in my life until this year....and for the last 13 years I've gotten by on three channels that come in kinda fuzzy. So having cable was really a bit of a decadent luxury.

Of course, almost immediatly I regretted the decision! Mainly because the cable company screwed things up and disconnected my internet too (and I cannot live without my internet!) I had to spend another half an hour on the phone to get that sorted out. But then there was the issue of the cable box. I have to take it back to the cable company (sort of like burying a friend, don't you think?!). And even that is not such a big deal.....the big deal is having to unhook it from the TV, the VCR, and the DVD player.....and then try to make all those things work again!! Oy! And I'm going through all this just to save thirty~seven dollars?!

Well, what's done is's too late now. The unhooking will take place tomorrow. Please think some good thoughts for my now *cable~less* home theatre system.

Goodnight some T.V. for me!!!

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2003-06-15 - 9:11 p.m.

Can you spell S~U~N~B~U~R~N~?! Well I don't have to spell it...because I can feel it!! Oy. Yes, I live in L.A. so I should know better (the mantra being: sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen!)......but I actually don't go out much during the I tend to forget. And I do have the good excuse that most sunscreens make me itch. (But...oh how I'd rather be itching right now than be on fire with a flaming sunburn! *Remind me of that next time, Ok?*)
Anyway, I was going to write about something much more interesting than this I'm sure, but I just can't seem to think of it right now.....because I'm on fire! So I'm going to go take some more aspirin and have a luke warm bath. Ow.

See you tomorrow, everybody.....don't forget your sunscreen!!

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2003-06-14 - 3:26 p.m.

Breaking News:

I think I may have given up coffee today.

For as long as I can remember, I've had a cup of coffee everyday....first thing, when I wake up. Not today! ( I think I've gone off the deep end now!) But really, yesterday as I was trying to choke down my morning cup of coffee, I realized that I wasn't enjoying didn't taste good anymore. This has happened to me only once before.....I was a teenager working as a dishwasher in a small cafe. And for some reason, that I still do not understand, I completely lost the will to drink coffee. That lasted about a year, and I've been drinking coffee ever since. Until today. I had tea.

And you know what? I actually felt more refreshed and awake after. (Weird, huh?) So I'm going to try this and see what happens. But don't worry.....I haven't given up alcohol.....yet! (*wink*)

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2003-06-12 - 9:44 p.m.
Well, nobody gave me any strange looks I guess everything's Ok. Must have just been the full moon rising. But I do have yet another reason to be paranoid. Remember last week when my ex-boyfriend's photos were sent to my email address? I had decided it was just some sort of technical error....that it wasn't done intentionally. But then today I get a message for "him" on my answering machine! The person was returning his call about hiring a financial advisor! I listened to the message several was not a phone solicitor, it was someone actually returning his my number! So what's up with that??! And why now? Hmmmm........

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2003-06-11 - 9:41 p.m.
Today has been so weird. People have been giving me the strangest looks. (No...I am not paranoid!!) But for some several different places, I had a person or two stand around and stare at me as though I had just risen from the dead. They looked frighted and in awe. It bugged me so much at one point that I actually went back to my car so I could look in the mirror. I was afraid I had blood running down my face or something! But no....I looked exactly how I always look.

So what....did they think I was a celebrity or something?? It was very strange. I hope this sort of thing is just a was too weird. (And really, I am not paranoid........yet!)

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2003-06-10 - 10:19 p.m.
You all know I have expensive tastes, right? But just how far does one go?? See....I was at the grocery store today and happened to find "The World's Most Expensive Pasta Sauce." First I laughed....but then I saw the price....$14.99!! (for something that usually costs about 3 bucks) Oy! So I walked away...chuckling to myself that even I would not pay that much for a jar of pasta sauce! But then, curiosity got the best of me, and I went back.....I had to examine it more closely. No, I did not buy it! But I was intrigued....and they had a website: (Is that a great name for a website or what?!)

Ok...I have been known to spend outrageous amounts of money on the most trivial of things....but still, $15??! So why do I now have a burning desire to try it?! Hmmm....I might have to go to the store tomorrow.....

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