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2003-06-09 - 9:43 p.m.
Well, my parents are now on their way home (1400 miles away). I survived the weekend, but I am exhausted! More emotionally than physically.....but in a way, it all blends together. I have the whole place to my self tonight.....they're gone and my Love is out of town. This should be party central (*wink*).....but I think I'm actually going to go to bed early tonight! ( unlike me!!)

So goodnight, everyone.....don't stay up too late! I'll be back to my cocktail swigging self tomorrow.....I promise!

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2003-06-07 - 11:19 p.m.

This weekend is all about my Parents. But today was all about my Dad. Ususally when they come to visit, it's all I can do to keep them entertained. I take them to places I think they will enjoy, but I can never really tell if they're having a good time.

Today was different.....we went to the Petersen Auto Museum. Almost immediatley my Dad started getting a little teary eyed. They had these displays of old, old cars that reminded him of being a child. Then we moved into another area....and there were the cars of his youth, his teen years. It was emotional.....he loved it.

And I almost thought my Dad was going to have an orgasm on the spot when we walked around a corner and saw about a hundred Cobras Dad's absolute all time favorite car. They were having a meet up of the Cobra Owners Club. (Good timing on my part, huh!)

So we actually had a pretty good day (rare!). Tomorrow we tackle Venice. Wish me's going to be hard to top today's events!!

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2003-06-06 - 1:09 a.m.

Now here's an interesting thing....
Today I get an email from PhotoWorks that my photos are ready. Hmmm....I never use PhotoWorks. At first I thought it was a spam....but then curiosity got the best of me and I "clicked to view". Oddly, it appeared to be a roll of photos taken by my ex-boyfriend on a trip to France.

I haven't had any contact with this guy in over three years.

So what's up with that??! I know he always gets film processed there....and he knows my email address....but??? I'm hoping it's just a fluke....that he did not intentionaly put my email address on his order (he has his own). It's some sort of computer mistake....right?

Just to be sure, I've contacted PhotoWorks....and changed his log in (*wink*)!

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2003-06-04 - 10:51 p.m.
Today was so weird. The plan was to have a psuedo~vacation day and go see the Genghis Khan exhibit at LACMA. We rarely go to the museums so I was really looking forward to it.

Just before we left, I remembered that I had to print out a document that needed to get in the big deal right? Wrong! All the work I had done....several hours spent on one document....gone. I know I saved it. I had even printed out one copy (mailed off yesterday....but to the wrong place). But it's gone...not on my hard drive...can't find it. OY!

So we decided to just go to the museum and deal with it when we get back. Good plan right?? No!

First, we get to the museum and realize we have only 35 cents for the parking meter! So we put all our nickles in and walk to the museum hoping that we can get change and run back to feed the meter. Well, as it turns out....the museum is closed on Wednesdays!!

Hmmm, what to do now?! Oh! Well there's a bar I've always wanted to go drinking at....and it's just down the street!

So we go in there and it's one of those fabulous old Irish bars....all dark wood....low lights....long bar....we feel at home. But....something is just not quite right. The place doesn't really seem open...even thought there are customers. The bartender is Jamaican and does not speak much English (in an Irish bar?). I have to point out which bottle is the gin. He doesn't know what a martini is. The drink he makes is.......well....have you ever tasted urine?! It was so completely undrinkable! We figure he probably mixed the gin with the liquid from the olive jar or something.....because it was just pure salt. (At least I hope that's what it was!) Anyway, Alan quickly downed his beer (which was not all that good either), we paid and got out of there as fast as we could.

Fortunately there was another bar just down the street (that we had been to before) we decided to go cleanse our palate. Everything went fairly well there....they know how to make a martini! The only trouble there was that they were out of the the thing we ordered for dinner.....but that was no big deal compared to the rest of our day.

As we're driving home....a big car crash happens right in front of us! We were just a couple of feet from being invovled....if we had not let a car cut in front of might have been us! The woman's windshield was shattered.....her airbags went off. Very scary. Fortunately everyone was Ok.

Next (are you seeing a pattern here?)....we decide to go to Target. How could things get any worse...right?! Well, we're walking down an aisle, and it's apparent that somebody has got sick on the floor. Ok. So the employees are trying to clean it up, and we move a few aisles up to avoid it and keep shopping. No! It seems that one whole corner of the store....rows and rows....were being mopped up. OY! What's up with that?? What infectious disease have I now been exposed to????! Who vomits in several aisles of a Target store? (I've been sick in my life....but not THAT sick!)

Today is just wrong!

How's your day going? I think I need another drink.

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