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2003-04-11 - 3:56 p.m.
It's probably not a good sign when you go to get a massage, and the massage therapist is arguing with the receptionist that she's supposed to have a half an hour break right now!! It's also probably not a good sign when the receptionist counters back that since the massage therapist showed up late and is already she doesn't get a break! And I probably should have just left when someone else walked up to the massage therapist and said, "How's your back?? Are you feeling any better??"

But I am a glutton for punishment.

So I followed her meekly into the massage room....where she proceded to take out her frustrations on my neck....for half the massage!!! She focused on one spot on the side of my neck for soooo long that I almost started was beyond ridiculous! But that was the only time during the whole thing where I felt like laughing.....the rest was pure pain! A couple of times, I did speak up and tell her how I was feeling, but the battle had already been lost. She was going to do it her way or not at all!

Ugh! Well, it happens that way sometimes (thankfully, not very often). And I suppose it serves me right for not holding out for my usual gal (who can turn all stress into melted butter!)......and of course, I shouldn't even be affording a massage just maybe it was some sort of finacial karma sort of thing coming back to bite me! But I'm going to bite it right back....and schedule a massage with the gal that turns all stress into butter.....because now I really need a massage!!

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2003-04-10 - 11:57 p.m.
You may recall a few posts back when I predicted that the next time I happened to run into my Love's ex-wife....there would be that ever predictable awkwardness. And I was right! Although, I didn't run into her this was a telephone call. And actually, it was pretty silly.

It all started when I was trying to turn off the hall light....but for some reason, I always go for the wrong switch and it turns off the whole living room....including the TV and the cable. Of course, when I realize my mistake and flip the switch back on....the TV comes on at the loudest possible volume. So I end up juggling all FOUR remotes (my Love is a techno-junkie....there can never be too many remotes).....trying to get the volume down.....and the phone rings.

Well, I can't find the phone (it's one of those cordless ones that always gets lost).....and by the time I answer it, the answering machine has come on! So now I've got a blaringly loud TV going, and an answering machine that is broadcasting everything I say, as well as giving out that screeching feedback noise.....and I can't seem to turn any of these things off!! And it's the ex-wife on the phone!!!

Chaos! And of course, I didn't know it was her! I was scrambling trying to get everything shut off! So I probably didn't come across as my usual ultra polite self. (I was sort of assuming it was just another phone solicitor.) Ooops! Can we all say, "awkward"?!

Oh well, it seems kind of funny now. And I may have just figured out which remote actually controls the volume on the TV.

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2003-04-09 - 10:14 p.m.

Today we headed down into the bowels of downtown Los go to the Coroner's Office. (It's been a weird day...can you tell?!) Actually, we had heard there was a gift shop of sorts and a museum of the of course we had to go!

When you get there, it's all very clinical....after all, it is the morgue. It's not at all the kind of place you would expect to have a gift shop. You have to go to one building to check in, and you are given special visitor I.D. tags.....then you go over to the other building where you are buzzed in and led to an elevator that takes you to the second floor. It's all rather spookey. And you really feel like you don't belong there.

Then you walk down a long white hall until you see a little sign that says, "Skeletons in the Closet". Frighteningly enough, it's not like a gift shop at's someone's office (and there is no museum, by the way)! You are greeted by a guy who is much like Penn (of Penn& Teller)....only without the sense of humor. The only other person in the small office is a woman on the phone...gleefully talking about how many pens they had sold to a group of paramedics that had stopped by that day. It was really weird.

But the room was packed floor to ceiling with merchandise. You can buy everything from Post-it notes that are shaped like a body outline (which I bought) to toe-tag key chains (which I didn't buy). In the end, we were really glad we did was fun, because it was just so weird. (And I was able to get my Dad a birthday present! He collects model cars, and they had a little model of the 1938 Coroner's Office panel van. I'm pretty sure he doesn't have that one yet!)

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2003-04-08 - 9:46 p.m.
I have become sooo L.A.......I actually went to a Car Wash today! (say it isn't so!) I used to be a diehard wash~it~myself type of gal (I would never ever take my car to a Car Wash.....sacrilege!).....and now I'm going to car's like a drug! But it's just too darn sunny here to wash the car (yeah, I know...I can't complain!)

But I'm not really off the hook....they didn't get all the bugs off!!! So maybe I have to take the car to the car wash.....then bring it home and wax it myself. Hmmm....what's wrong with that picture??!

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