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2003-03-25 - 10:49 p.m.
Tonight is one of those nights when I feel like I have twenty million things to blog about....but really nothing to blog about. Or things I'm to lazy to blog about (because I'd have to do research and look up the links!) Or things I shouldn't...or don't want to blog about.

I promise, tomorrow I'll be more topical. Goodnight everybody!

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2003-03-24 - 10:49 p.m.
The Oscars. Well, I don't usually get into the Oscars too you know, I'm not much of a movie buff....and more often than not, I've ended up having to drive somewhere in Los Angeles right when the thing is getting ready to start...thus getting stuck in a traffic jam of limousines and tourists!

But the last couple years have been different...because my Love is a movie junkie. For him, watching the Academy Awards is more important than Valentine's day, Christmas, and our anniversary all put together! (So you see why it was sooo important for me to drive 6 hours just to be there to watch the show with him!)

Anyway..I did actually enjoy the show this year. It seemed to get over much faster and also seemed to have a lot more spunk than in years past. There were three awards that I thought really stood out and really made the show for me:

The first was Eminem for best song, The movie 8 Mile. I mean, Eminem?! That was so unlike the Academy! But I loved that. I'm not a huge fan of Eminem...but you gotta give him some credit...he's the master of controversy. And I think it's good for the Academy to recognise something other than the usual hyper~produced orchestra music you hear in movies these days. Unfortunately, Eminem was not there to receive the would have been amazing to hear his speach, I'm sure.

The next award that I was really cheering for was Roman Polanski for best director, The Pianist. This again seemed like a controversial choice for the Academy, but long overdue. Roman Polanski has had such a long and tortured some ways, much like Charlie Chaplin. But, of course, Mr. Polanski was not there to receive his award...although that too would have been an interesting speech to hear.

And, lastly, the best award by far went to Adrien Brody for best actor, The Pianist. This guy was the most deserving, the most fabulous! His speech was sooo heart felt, and he was genuinely surpised to have gotta love that. During his speech, the orchestra started to play...signaling that it was time for him to get off the stage (as they did with each of the winners)....but he yelled for them to wait...that this was his one and only chance to say something.....and they did stop and let him continue! It was fabulous, he was so great. (You can read the transcript of his speech here)

And overall, there was a ton of spunk and balls as various people voiced their thoughts and/or opinions about the war. It was not your ordinary, run of the mill Academy Awards. It was actually pretty interesting this year.

Well, I'm starting to hear that orchestra music....telling me it's time to get off the, goodnight everybody!

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2003-03-23 - 11:53 p.m.
This is just a brief post....mainly because I drove 6 hours today to get to San Francisco....just to watch the Academy Awards! (Yes, I know the Awards are in LA! But my Love is in SF working....and we could not *not* be together for the I drove up.) And what a love he is! He had all kinds of hors d'oeuvres made up....and a martini for me, in his I got out of the car!

Stay tuned tomorrow, everybody, for my take on the Awards. Goodnight for now!!

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2003-03-22 - 4:51 p.m.

The Pillow. remember way back in the way back.....when I first got the Sewing Genie...and I bought fabric....and I was all excited because I was actually going to sew something?! Well, that was like a year ago!....but finally, I've done it. (And I had no idea what I was doing....but it worked!) I made a pillow! (see picture above) Woo hoo!

Yeah....I know...a pillow is like the easiest thing to make....but I don't sew, so to me it seemed like a major project. However, sewing it turned out to be the easy part! (And the funny thing is, that even though I know almost nothing about sewing....I've practically written the manual for how to use the Sewing Genie (see my FAQ page)....just by fumbling along and playing with it. I can actually sew with this thing!)

So anyway, the hardest part was actually stuffing the pillow! Originally, I had wanted to use down feathers because I love down pillows....but as it turns out, that was not an option. I called all sorts of fabric and craft stores trying to find feathers....but all any of them had was foam or polyester filling. Finally, I found a place that had feathers...yay!.....but there was a minimum order of 25 pounds! Do you know how many feathers that is?! You could probably fill your house with 25 pounds of feathers (and the cost was $350!) So in the end, I opted for polyester. But I must say I am very proud of my first attempt at sewing....I love my pillow! And I love the Sewing Genie....since I've never been able to figure out how to use the full size monolith of a sewing machine that I have. (Yes, I know, this is a shameless plug for Sewing Genie.....but it works! I made a pillow!!)

(And on a side note.....I will occasionally write about my sewing adventures, but I want to keep all sewing related stuff over at this if you want to be notified when I update that site (which is pretty random and infrequent) click over there and sign up for my notify list (it's at the bottom of the page) Thanks!

And, don't worry...we'll be back to our regularly scheduled programming tomorrow. Goodnight everbody!

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