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2003-03-13 - 12:49 a.m.
Sorry there was no post last night, but I actually went to a movie. Yeah, I know, you people go to movies all the time....but a movie for me is very rare. I usually only go when someone drags me kicking and screaming! And why is this, you ask,? Well, I had the unfortunate luck of living with a film maker for 15 years. He spent all his time and energy on making films, but he had no talent......the only talent he had was for conning people out of money to help make his next film!

This left me with a very bitter taste in my mouth for seeing films. Every time I would see a movie, I would be thinking about all the angst that he caused in our relationship trying to make all these films. He could have made great films, but he always made wrong/bad/stupid decisions. Anyway, it's hard to explain everything that went on...but I always get an uneasy feeling about going to see a movie.

But it seems I am *doomed* to the movie life....because my current love (today is our 3 year anniversary!) is a movie junkie! He even worked for a movie theatre company for 20 years. He always wants to go to a movie....if he's not going out to one, he's got a whole library of DVDs and VHSs to watch....and if not that, there's always cable. I'm doomed doomed doomed!!(*wink*) Usually he goes out to see movies on his own, or when he's with his kids....but last night I gave in.

And you know was actually kind of fun (shhhh....don't tell anyone)! We went out to this great new cinema that actually has a bar and restaurant....and we saw Chicago. The film was really pretty good...more dancing than story line...but that was Ok.....and the characters were quite interesting....I especially like a film when there are multiple celebrities as opposed to just one star.

So over all, I might consider doing this again (but don't tell Alan, he'll have us going every night!)....I might, however, consider going again next week.....

See you tomorrow everyone!

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2003-03-10 - 11:14 p.m.
This has to be the weirdest spam email I have received yet. I think it raises some serious questions about the plastic surgery industry. First of all, who what kind of person/doctor/wacko would consider buying a medical tool that costs up to $79,000....from a spam email?!! And, second, what kind of person/doctor/wacko would think they would be able to sell something of this nature through a spam email?! Oy!

I don't think I'll be having any *laser* treatments any time soon!

But my favorite part of this spam is the greeting, "Deardoink 1,".....that's a classic!

((Update: I did a search for "Vision Systems Medical"....and found that the spam came from Jerry Jager at dealer in "used medical equipment." Hmmm....what's wrong with this picture??!)


Regarding: LASERS

For Sale: 1999 CoolTouch I laser with Thermescent skin Treatment Handpiece
*****sold with one year Warranty****

Manufacture List Price on CoolTouch II: $ 79,900.00 Sale Price: $ 15,500.00 With one year warranty
* 1998 ESC Multilight: Sale Price: $ 47,500.00
* 1998 ESC Epilight/ IPL Hair Removal Laser/ 3 second system sale Price: $ 23,500.00 1 year warranty
* 1997 ESC Photoderm VL/PL/HR 3 second system: Sale Price: $ 27,000.00 1 Year Warranty
* 1999 Nidek EC5000, current software, sold with manufactures warranty.
* Demo Microdermabrasion Units. Physican Models. Call for price and availability.
* 1997 Luxar Novapulse Co2 laser. Price $ 14,500.00 Sold with one year warranty.
* Phaser II non-invasive hair removal system: List price new: $ 7,400.00 Sale Price: $ 3,000.00 . (age: 2 years old)
* 1998 Coherent Versapulse C wtih Help G: Sale Price: $ 45,000.00
* 1998 Coherent Ultrapulse: Venus Model Sale Price: $ 25,700.00
* 1998 Coherent Lightsheer Sale Price: $ 35,000.00
* 2000 AMS1 Synergie Massage unit Sale Price: $ 6,500.00

Thank you,

Vision Systems Medical

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2003-03-10 - 12:31 a.m.

And now for some photos:

If you're going to Las Vegas, I highly recommend the Aladdin.....we had the best view and the best room we've ever had in Vegas (even better than the Bellagio...and for less than half the price!) Just make sure to ask for a "resort room". Plus, they advertise that they have the fastest room service in Las Vegas (I tested it, and it seems to be true. But, of course, I need to do a lot more research on this subject (*wink*).

And like I said, the bathtub was huge! It's hard to tell from that pic, but I could actually lay down in the tub and almost disappear. And there's a whole lot more to that bathroom than you can see in the photo....there's a separate shower and two sinks on two separate counters...and the toilet is in a separate room. Quite incredible.

Anyway, you really must stay there....we loved it! And now I must go to bed....look at the time! I must learn to go to bed earlier!! Goodnight everybody!

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2003-03-08 - 12:21 a.m.
Hello...I'm back!

Seems like we were busy every minute (except for those times when *someone* was recovering from a hangover!) So let me go back to the beginning and try to tell the story.....(but, of course, the old saying, "you had to have been there".....still holds true!)

So the original plan was to meet up with Krix at around 9pm...then hang and wait for the rest of our friends to get out of the convention.....then we would go out and do something. But our dinner ran late....Krix was running late...and the convention was running really really it ended up just Krix and Alan and me meeting at a hotel bar.

After some small talk, Krix basically said, "We have to get outta here!....we must go to a real dive bar!" She led and we followed....and she was soooo right! We ended up at this bar that was about as big as my seemed like one of those really down and out places where the music is bad and the drinks are small. But no!! The drinks were good and the music was fabulous! Alan and I couldn't believe it. (Although, secretly, we love those kind of places!) The band played everything from Brick House to Man, I Feel Like a Woman......and, I hate to admit it, but they were actually good! The female lead was, as Krix said, sooo tiny.....I would be suprised if she weighed even 100 pounds!......but she could belt out those songs like nobody's business....what a voice!!

When we got there, the place was pretty empty...just the usuall sort of crowd that you might expect....a couple of drunk girls from Chicago trying to party it lonely guy on the dance floor, hoping to get laid....a few grandmas taking a rest from the slots....and us! Then the girls from Chicago started trying to drag *everybody* out onto the dance floor....and they were very demanding. It wasn't long before they had everyone.....including a couple of eldery ladies, boogying away to Brick House! ( had to have been there!)

Anyway....I can't even remember everything that happened that night.....but it was fun. Krix was great....we had way more in common that I expected we would.....and I thought it was very interesting to see Vegas from her perspective, considering she was actually born and raised there! We must do it all time you all have to come!!!

After that, the next day....we finally met up with our other friends and partied until too late. Then tonight we got home and went out to our local bar just to have dinner, and some people started buying us drinks...(long weird story, not for now)....and look, it's afer midnight again!! I seriously need a new liver....and I need to download and install the word "No" into my vocabulary!

See you tomorrow everybody!

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