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2003-03-03 - 12:01 a.m.
So on Friday, my laptop went *kaput* big time...again! So I finally decided it was time to run it over with a truck....and go buy a new one. (Well, I didn't actually run it over with a truck.....but I thought about it!) And let me tell you, buying a new laptop is very much like buying a new house (after all, they cost about the same, no?!)

So after adding up my life savings and selling my car....I headed off to the computer store to see what I could find. (I'm kidding, I didn't actually sell my car....though it might have helped!) And there were sooo many choices! Each one had some of the features you want....but none of them had everything.....unless, of course, you are willing to pay something equal to the cost of a new house overlooking the ocean! As it was, I settled for one that cost as much as a small condo within walking distance to the beach with no view! (And don't even talk to me about "buyer's remorse"'s all over now...the box is open....there's no going back!!)

Anyway...that has been my weekend. First, staying up all night trying to revive the old laptop...then trying to revive myself after buying the new laptop! And I'll probably be up all night again...transfering data and moving into my *new home*!

See you tomorrow everybody....we should have a house warming party or something! LOL

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2003-02-28 - 4:56 p.m.
I just had an experience that was oddly disconcerting.....although it probably shouldn't have been at all. I was at this big old fabric store....not your average new brightly lit craft/fabric store....but a huge old dimly lit warehouse.....stacked to the ceiling with bolts of fabric, some of them probably as old as the building. You could get lost in there! Anyway....places like this tend to hire latino help because they work cheap and they work hard. So as I was wandering around, this latino guy comes up to me and starts speaking Spanish. When he realizes I don't understand, he starts speaking in broken English and tells me that he is trying to learn English. So I tell him that I am trying to learn Spanish. Of course, now that he's heard that, he won't go away! He wants me to teach him English and he'll teach me Spanish!

I get dragged deep into a conversation about how to pronounce certain numbers, how to say certain phrases, and in what order are the days of the week. In between all this, he keeps asking me if I will teach him and when do classes start! He tells me he's only been in America for 3 months.

Oy! So I'm torn between trying to politely get rid of this guy and/or thinking this would be an interesting opportunity to learn Spanish first hand. I end up telling him that he needs to let me shop, and he says he'll wait for me, if I need anything. And then I feel bad, because it seems that this guy really wants to learn....and we could have helped each other learn. But....because of the way society is today....I have to worry about sooo many other things.....he could have been an axe murderer for all I know. And he did ask some odd how much did my car cost, and where do I live. Sure, maybe those are just some of the only phrases he knows...but still.

So I slipped out of there without buying anything...and without him seeing me leave. And I felt odd about it. Wishing I could be more trusting and not have to worry about all those other things.

Oddly disconcerting.

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2003-02-27 - 11:39 p.m.
So Tuesday we're heading to Las Vegas. Alan's going for a convention....and I'm going to....uh....try not to lose all my money or shop too much.....really! So I think all the rest of you people should just take the week off and come help me not gamble and not shop (but we can still drink....I mean, you gotta have some fun....right?!) And I'm almost sort of looking forward to this trip....except someone mentioned something about having to get up early to leave on Tuesday.....(doesn't he know I need my beauty sleep?!)

Anyway....for those of you who can't come....don't worry, there will be uninterrupted blogging....since our room is going to have one of those fabulous DSL terminals...Yay! (Now I just need someone to come and help me set up a live web cam! *wink*) So stay tuned.....I'm sure there will be stories to tell!

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2003-02-27 - 5:08 p.m.

Can everybody say WANGITUDE?! Goooood!

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2003-02-26 - 10:47 p.m. I was a slug! Alan and I were supposed get up early and go out to breakfast with a friend of ours this morning. But....due to the fact that I stayed up drinking until 1am....and also due to the fact that the bed felt better and more cozy than it ever has....I had to beg off. Yeah, I know, I'm sooo bad! But Alan went....and as it turns out, there was a mis~communication. The fellow we were going to meet thought that we wanted to meet early...but we thought he wanted to meet early. Oy! He was perfectly willing to make it a lunch date! But, of course, I was chastised for being such a slug!!

Anyway....where did I leave off yesterday? was my "girl years" vs. "guy years" in relation to "dog years" theory. So here's the thing, first of all, everyone knows that girls mature faster than boys.....and that girls are generally smarter than boys (well, us girls know that! Its true!). But the problem is....girls also seem to age faster than boys (translate that to mean: women tend to look older than men of the same age)!! Oy! (therein lies the "dog years" theory) But then again, women seem to live longer than men. Hmmm. Well....I was drinking when we were discussing this doesn't seem to make as much sense now or seem as funny. I guess you had to have been there!

But Zelda understands what I'm talking about, she's figured out that work hours are 3 times longer than regular hours! (Zelda, I should have just had you write this post!)

Goodnight everyone....I'll try to post something more interesting tomorrow....really!

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