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2002-12-08 - 12:59 a.m.
Tonight we determined that there are 7 bars within walking distance of our apartment in L.A....but on a Saturday night, you don't really want to go to any of them! The one we always go to has a huge cover charge on the weekend.....the others are either too busy...too snooty....or just don't know how to make a decent drink!

There is one bar that is practically right outside our door.....but we have always avoided it. It just never seemed like a good place to go. Anyway....tonight we finally decided to go there, and it was was actually kind of interesting. We found out that one of our favorite bartenders drinks there (always a good sign!). Then, later we were kind of entertained by watching this odd couple......he seemed like a lonely guy in his late 50's.....she was a platinum blonde dressed in very expensive trendy clothes (I would have guessed she was in her 20's). He was trying to explain MSN messenger....she had never heard of such a thing.

At one point...she reached under her sweater and undid her bra! She then very discreetly removed it and put it in her purse! All this time, her back was to me...and I was trying not to stare....but, you know...I'm trying to figure out the story there. She had a pile of mittens and ear muffs and furs sitting in front of her on the bar (which is odd....since it's been about 72 degrees here lately).....I assumed she must be a model of some sort...maybe those were props.....since there are a lot of photo shoots out here.

But then she turned....and she had the most weathered face! OMG! She could easily have been in her 50's (no offense to those of you who are in your 50's....because undoubtably, you look better than she did!) It was just kind of shocking to see this woman who looked stunning from the back....take her bra off....then turn around.....and look.....sooo......wrong!! was an interesting bar......we'll be back!

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2002-12-07 - 12:19 a.m.
Wow...I was just about to turn off the computer...and all of the sudden, I realized I hadn't posted anything tonight! I completely forgot all about it! How did that happen????!

Well...never fear....I'll be back at you tomorrow. Goodnight for now, everyone!

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2002-12-06 - 12:01 a.m.
Now here's something:
There is a 90 year old woman who is a friend of our family......I've never met her, but she spends loads of time on the phone with my Love's from time to time, I get to hear all kinds of stories. A few months ago her husband died......and she's been terribly lonely. Amazingly, since then, the big topic of conversation has been SEX! She says she misses oral sex the most! Did I mention this woman is 90 years old?! There are more stories, but they even make me blush!

She's 90....and still getting her groove on.....Wow!

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2002-12-04 - 11:35 p.m.
Well, yesterday's micro photo was actually of Pop Rocks......the little rock like candy that sizzles, snaps, cracks and explodes in your mouth.

When I was a kid, there was a popular legend that Pop Rocks had actually been banned. There were many rumors as to why.....but the main ones were that your stomach would explode if you ate them while drinking soda pop....and also that the kid that advertised Life cereal (remember him?..."Mikey likes it!") had died from eating pop rocks!

None of that was true, of course, but it caused enough controversy that the FDA set up a hotline for concerned parents, and the company went to great efforts to convince people that the candy was harmless. But in 1983, they decided to stop production. This probably fueled the rumor that the candy had been banned. But, a couple of years later, the rights to the candy were sold, and they went into production again.

Anyway, I haven't seen Pop Rocks in years, and ran across them when I was at a party supply store. I had to buy some! They brought back a lot of "if you eat those, they'll pop your fillings out!!"

But my most fond memory of Pop Rocks is my best friend telling me that her mom had kissed her dad with a mouthful of Pop Rocks. I thought she had the coolest mom! (I was very young at the time.....but I still think she had the coolest mom!)

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2002-12-03 - 11:28 p.m.

Yes, that's right.....I'm at a loss for words again. So I give you another lovely microscopic image! Don't be afraid, but it is something we eat......well, some people eat it. I think it was actually banned at one point! If you think you know what this is, let me know! I'll tell you tomorrow.

Goodnight everyone!

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2002-12-02 - 11:36 a.m.
Quote of the day:

Sometimes you may be through with the past, but is the past through with you?

-Zelda Zap

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2002-12-01 - 11:28 p.m.
My Brush With Fame. So today I drove up to Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills to buy a Christmas present for my sister....(a hugely over priced, tiny little thing....but something she seriously wants.....and it will be like I'm giving her a brick of gold (figuratively...and literally, I'm afraid!). Anyway, as I'm walking through the store, trying not to think about the fact that I just spent almost my entire Christmas budget on my sister.....I suddenly realize that I am walking toward Raquel Welch!

At first, I wasn't sure if it was her, but I wandered around a bit and got a good was definitely Raquel Welch! She looked a little "weathered" though....if you know what I mean (I hate to use the word "old"!) She was with a guy who was dressed in a very expensive looking outfit....all in black....with dark sunglasses. He was much shorter than her (and possibly younger). She seemed to be in a she needed to buy something right away. She kept looking at really expensive, ugly looking handbags.

Well, I ogled all I could without seeming obvious....then I left. On the way to the car, I kept thinking "wow! what great blog material!" It's funny how it's sort of exciting to see a celebrity.....but soooo silly at the same time. I mean, I have never had any interest in Raquel....but at the same time it's like....Ooooh that's Raquel Welch!

Anyway....that was my "brush with fame" for today. I'll be sure to keep you posted on any future celebrity sightings!

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2002-11-30 - 10:48 p.m.
OK....I need all you people out there to help me...big time!! What the heck am I going to buy my mother for Christmas???! I need your suggestions, because I am at a total loss. She is the type of person who doesn't want anything (yet she still expects a gift!). She has no hobbies, doesn't collect anything, doesn't drink much, can't have candy (diabetic), has no interests that I can figure out, doesn't wear jewelery, and just bought the one thing that I was going to get her for Xmas!! (Tiffany perfume). Help!

For the last few years, I have been buying her bugs.....all different kinds of bugs......because she bugs me! (Ha!) I've bought her little gag bugs, bug jewelery, bug figurines, bug magnets, little wooden bugs, bug toys. I think she's getting a little tired of the bugs (and that bugs me!) Now I need to come up with something new.

Be creative, people! I need your help....and time is running out!!!

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2002-11-29 - 11:57 p.m.
Well, as it turned out, we got to have Thanksgiving all to relatives, no kids.....just us two....Yay! (Too bad it won't be like that for the rest of the holidays!!) So we decided to do something a little less formal and a little more funky.....we went to Canter's. Now, Canter's might not be the first place you'd think of going on's more like the place you go at 3am to have an omlette and sober up after a long night of drinking! It's an old Jewish delicatessen up in 24 hours, 7 days a week.....been there since the 50's.....and I dare say, looks exactly the same now as when it originally opened....just a little more worn. And I love it!

The food there is often quite good......they can do amazing things with piled high meats and pickles.....and they do a killer Monte Cristo! (I'm getting hungry just thinking about it!) But their Thanksgiving "special" was a little average. It was all the basics: turkey, stuffing and yams or mashed potatoes and gravy.......but the gravy.....was a little.....odd. It was very very dark.....and had lots of little bits of something floating in it (yes, of course, it was giblet gravy...I think).....but it had a look to it that reminded me just a little of cat food!! Hmmm. But it was OK....not bad....definitely edible. The yams, however, stole the show! Very delicious....with lots of cinnamon and butter! I could have eaten a whole plate of just yams!

Anyway....after the meal we decided to wait in line at the pastry counter to get something to go. And we waited, and waited....they do really great pastries so everybody lines up. And let me tell you, if you ever go to Canter's, and stand in line for pastries.....DO NOT get the chocolate chip rugala! You will be ruined for life! This little rolled up ball of pastry goodness.....made mainly with butter and chocolate chips.....will positively saturate your mind until you cannot think of anything else! Must Have More Rugala!!!!! I was going to take a picture to show you just how delectable these things are.....but I already ate them all.....oops!

Then we came home and started sipping on the Jack Daniels, but decided it would be more fun to walk down to the little bar at the end of the street. At one point, I do recall the bartender pouring me a very generous shot of Wild Turkey....but I remember very little after that! (Which is quite likely why I didn't post anything yesterday!!)

All in all, I think this may have been one of the best Thanksgivings I've ever had! Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!!

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