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2002-10-25 - 12:10 a.m.
Well, today we deciced to go out and do something completely we went to High Tea at The Beverly Hills Hotel. First of all, if you've never done High Tea, you should go out and find a place that offers it....and just do it. Yes, of course it's snooty and pretentious.....but as long as you don't take the whole thing too seriously....and can laugh at the snootiness of it'll have a great time. Basically, you go to High Tea to sip properly made tea, while you daintily nibble at tray after tray of finger sandwiches, scones, pastries, and cookies. (And don't forget to sit up straight....and hold your little pinkie out when you pick up your cup........(just kidding!)

The problem with High Tea, though, is that you get tricked into thinking you're not eating very much....that you're just having a light snack....since all of the food is in little bite~size pieces and is brought out slowly in separate stages. But the reality of it is that you are eating tons! (I'm still stuffed....and we had Tea 6 hours ago!) But this does help to justify the price.....since it tends to be a bit spendy.

Anyway, our experience today was just a bit odd.....not quite as organized and regimented as a traditional Tea. When we got there, there was no hostess to seat was just, "sit where ever you like." Which was sort of strange because often reservations are required for this sort of thing....and there is always someone to seat you. But it didn't really matter to we just sat down.....and waited......and waited. Finally, a waiter type looking fellow walked by and begrudgingly asked if we'd been helped yet. We said no and told him we'd like to have Tea. He then gives us a concerned look and says, "Ohhhh......(long pause).....High Tea????" We say yes. Then he says, "well.....the woman who does High Tea has gone on a.....(long pause)....short break....but...she'll~be~right~with~you! Then he disappeared!

Of course, it was another couple of years before she showed up.....but in the mean time, we entertained ourselves by eavesdropping....I mean, the conversations going on at the other tables. There were movie scripts being discussed....there were multi~million~dollar figures being bantied about.....and of course, everybody's looking at everybody else to see if they're somebody!

Ahhhh....then the food starts arriving! I must was worth the wait.....this was one of the best Teas I've been to in a long time (even though the waitress didn't understand her job definition!) Each course had something a little different...a little unusual....compared to traditional Teas.

And then there was the PINEAPPLE!! The whole reason why I am writing this overly long post about Tea....and the whole reason why you must go to The Beverly Hills Hotel for Tea. At the very end....on the dessert the midst of all kinds of other pastries and cookies and things......there is this unassuming looking little bite size piece of looks a bit like a lemon square...but you're not quite doesn't look that you kind of leave it till the end. But then you put it in your mouth....and discover that it's actually a little slice of fresh pineapple.....dipped in white chocolate! Orgasmic!! And you realize that this is the whole point!

It doesn't get any better than that!

Goodnight everybody!

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2002-10-23 - 10:31 p.m.

LOOK! I found another tooth!! (The one on top is the one I found today.) Someone out there must know what kind of teeth these are. Come on, people! Research! I need to know!

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2002-10-23 - 7:10 p.m.
Hey there! Just a quick update on the Queen Mary thing this's been cancelled...almost everybody is busy this weekend. So don't look for me there....stay tuned here! I'll be sure and give you up to the minute news if something exciting turns up.

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2002-10-23 - 12:32 a.m.

As promised, here are a few things I found at the antique market on Sunday. I know I should be buying things to sell in my shop.....but part of the problem with being an antique dealer is that you find cool things.....and you want to keep them!

First, I found these great little alligator click toys....(you know, they're like those clicker noise makers that you usually see around New Year's Eve) Originally, I bought them to sell in my shop, since I've been able to sell this kind of thing before (at a much higher price). But I just love them.....and might have to keep them....hmmmm. (I'm so bad!)

Then there was this dish! It's very a little sauce dish. But I have been wanting it for months! I actually saw it at this same antique market about 4 months ago.....but the price was out of my budget. So I started looking on Ebay. No luck! I had almost forgotten about it....until I saw it again....and I had to have it!! (Why do I get so obsessed with these things?!) Anyway, I made a screaming deal....and now it is mine!!

And what can I say about this frame....other than, "you can never have too many frames!" I collect I'm always looking for odd frames.....this one is sooo me!

And the painting! (this is only a snippet of the painting....since I don't have a wide angle lense, but you get the idea) I'm always looking for odd paintings....but I don't want to spend any money on them. On rare occasion, I'll run across one like this (for cheap!). For some reason it just strikes me as good.

But now for the "story"! The painting was signed by a woman in 1972. She has an unusual I did a Google search....and a white pages search. I'm pretty sure I have the address and phone number of the woman who painted this painting. From the info I have, I would guess that she is elderly and lives in Georgia. Originally, I thought I should write to her....tell her I bought this painting, etc. But then I had second thoughts. What if she gave this painting to someone and they just sold it! What if she wants it back! But then there are the good "what if's". Maybe she'd be thrilled to know that someone bought her painting. So I'm tortured! Should I try to contact this woman....or should I let "sleeping dogs lie"??? Hmmm.......

Well....I'm going to bed.....goodnight, everybody!

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