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2002-10-21 - 10:09 p.m.
I think I need one of those tee shirts that says something like, "I survived a long weekend with my parents!" Well, it really wasn't so bad.....I don't know why I stress over these things so much. I guess partly because I want them to have a good time, but they're sooo fussy. And also, I don't see them very often....but each time, they seem to be more and more like my grandparents were, towards the end of their lives......and that bothers me....a lot. I don't see them really enjoying themselves as much as they are worrying and fussing over things. But having said that, I think they did have a pretty good time here.....and maybe it was me that was doing most of the worrying and fussing! that I think about it! Argh!

Anyway....I actually did have a beer at the antique show.....but I had an accomplice! While we were all waiting in line for hotdogs and Love secretly moved into the beer line, and bought one for each of us (so I wouldn't be held accountable for the beer thing!)......and that went over pretty smoothly. There were no lectures....and only a slightly disapproving look from my dad. Yeah, I know......if I want a beer, I should just have a beer.....but, you know, it's just not that simple....not in my family!

And aside from all that...I was going to show you all the cool things I found at the antique market, but I had no time today to take pictures! (I also have an interesting story about a painting I bought!) So stay tuned....see you tomorrow, everybody!

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2002-10-19 - 10:35 p.m.

Day Two with the Parents. Is it really only Day 2???!! Well, it hasn't been so bad actually. We started out going to Pasadena for lunch....they insisted on we got lost (of course)....then everyone blamed me because I had the directions all printed out. But was anybody listening when I told them what streets to look for??! No! Finally, we all agreed that I will drive next time (I'll believe it when I see it!) Luckily, we all lived through that event!

And we just now got home from taking them to dinner at Encounter (that's that picture up there)....... a theme restaurant that's at the airport. You can sit there and watch the planes come in while you dine in a futuristic~cartoon~like environment.....much like you are dining in a Jetsons cartoon. My parents were quite entertained. And we even got to have two bottles of wine again. (I'm turning them into lushes!)

Anyway, tomorrow it's off to Long Beach for one great~big~humongous~long~never~ending day with them. (and I have to get up early too....Argh!!) And then they go home! Yay!!!!! So now it's time to place your bets.....will I have beer at the event tomorrow....or will I chicken out?????? Odds are that I will....but you never know! So bet carefully.......good luck, everybody! See you tomorrow!

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2002-10-18 - 11:33 p.m.
A note on spam (and other things). Yeah, I know you're sick of hearing people rant about Spam, and so am I....but tonight I got a spam from "me"! I find it just a bit disturbing that someone can send me a spam and make it look like it came from my email address. Are they also using my email address to spam other people???! Hmmmm. This is not good! But what can I do???? If you have any ideas on this, please let me know!

And on another topic.......of course, this has been day one with the parents......and I am exhausted!! Yes, I know, all we did was go out to dinner.....but still! I spent all day cleaning and fretting....then of course, they never came over. We had to go pick them up....which was really just fine by me....then we were almost late....then we were early.....then I got lost going to the restaurant that we always go to. But then we got a good parking everything was OK! Did I mention I'm exhausted??

So then we had champagne.....TWO BOTTLES..... it was a good night with my parents. But the waitress kept spilling it......and to make up for it, she offered us an ultra expensive half price....but we decided to stick with what we had.....which was probably almost as good, for less than half of the half price!

Tomorrow....just as I predicted, they want to drive! And we're going all the way to Pasadena!!! That is exactly where we got lost last time.....when they were driving! And the only reason we're going there is because my mom absolutetly loved this "hole~in~the~wall" pizza place....that we happend to stumble into when the diabetics among us were having low blood sugar and needed food! This is not a restaurant one would normally seek out....but my mom can't get enough of that is my tomorrow!!!

Did I mention that I am exhausted???! Goodnight everyone......see you tomorrow!

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2002-10-17 - 11:27 p.m.
Well, tomorrow my parents are arriving. They expect to be taken to a flotilla of restaurants....and not only that, they also expect to be entertained. This might sound like an easy thing since I have all of Los Angeles at my feet......but they are picky! It can't be too "high end" or too "low end". It can't be too "frou frou". It must serve salmon. (And heaven forbid if I should order a cocktail!) But wine or champagne is OK.

Oh, then there is the question over who is going to drive! Argh! Usually they let me drive because I know where everything is....I live here! But last time, they insisted on driving....I had to direct from the back seat....and we got lost! It was a big versus their GPS....versus common sense. Too many cooks in the kitchen, if you know what I mean! This time, I am the driver!!!

And for entertainment, we've picked the Long Beach Antique Market. I took them there once before, and they really enjoyed it. But the question is "can I have a beer while I'm there....or will they freak out....and do I care???" Well, yes, of course they will freak out (because they're weird).....but this is one of the few big antique shows that offers I always get one (when I'm not with them). Should I be good and not drink?? Or should I just be my bad self and get a beer???!

Now don't get me wrong, I love my parents. (howerver, I do hope they're not reading this!!!!) But they both drive me nuts!!!! So be prepared...because I'm sure my blogging this weekend is going to be all about.....ARGHHHHH!!!!!!

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