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2002-10-01 - 11:45 p.m.
Tonight, I give you a recipe! Yes, I know this is just a bit odd....considering that I really do not like to cook.....and that my life's goal is to eat out every night.....but hey! I do have a few tricks up my sleeve!

First, you're going to need a fondue pot and some skewers (I highly recommend The West Bend Electric Fondue Pot. Electric fondue pots cook at higher temperatures, are easier to use and can be used for a bunch of different things (like making fudge!) it's worthwhile to invest in one!)


2 cans of chicken broth

about a 1/2 cup of white wine

Soy sauce to taste (about a teaspoon?? maybe more....taste it, you'll know)

2 carrots

2 celery stalks

1 medium potato

sliced water chesnuts (about 1/4 cup....or as many as you like)

about a 1/2 cup of cauliflower

about a 1/4 cup of sliced leek (or green onion to taste) taste

chicken breast cut into bite size pieces

dipping sauces

OK.....first put the broth, wine, and soy sauce into the fondue pot....keep in mind that the broth will cook you don't want to make it too salty just can always add more later. Soy sauce will be your salt.

Then chop or slice the vegetables into about 1 inch chunks.....I call them spoon size pieces.....if it'll fit on a spoon.....that's the right size. At this point, you can add or subtract whatever vegetables you like the most.....if you love carrots, add more carrots.....if you want bell pepper or corn, add those. There is no set recipe here....use whatever vegetables you like.

Now put all the vegetables in the pot of broth and turn the heat up until it's bubbling. At this point, skewer the chicken pieces (one piece per skewer) and place them in the broth until they're cooked through (only cook about 6 skewers at a time....add more each time you take some out).

As the skewers get done, pass them around so each guest gets a skewer.....have a variety of dipping sauces available to dip your chicken pieces in. Continue skewering, cooking, passing, dipping until all the chicken is gone.........then turn off the heat and serve the fabulous soup that's left behind! Mmmmmm.

It's always good to serve this with a baguette or some crusty french bread. Substitution of the ingredients is greatly encouraged..... instead of wine, try champagne or even sherry. Whatever you have on hand.....or whatever you like.

And there you go! Low cal...low fat...extremely satisfying....easy! If I can do can do it! (P.S. If you don't like to cut up chicken (I hate dealing with any kind of raw meat), invite somebody over who doesn't mind....and tell them that's their job! This is an audience participation type meal.)

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2002-09-30 - 10:14 p.m.
I have two things on my mind tonight: Martha Stewart...and feet. First, let's start with feet. I saw a woman yesterday at the Santa Monica Airport Antique Show (a place that Martha Stewart would love, by the way....but we'll get to her in a minute).....who caught my eye because she really had a look....she was dressed, as Zelda would say, in a wicked cool outfit. She was young, attractive and very her mid thirties, I would have guessed......until I saw her feet!!! They were the severely over tanned, wrinkled, shoe leather type feet of an 80 year old mummy! It was all wrong! Those feet did not match that body. I can't stop thinking about it. It was bad. I've got one word for you, people: Sunscreen! Don't forget to put it on your feet! on to Martha Stewart. (I know, you're wondering "what has this got to do with feet?"....absolutely nothing! I just happen to have two completely different topics on my mind tonight....that's OK isn't it??) But before I begin, you should click on over to Moxie and check out her take on the Martha Stewart's quite good. So have you been following this Martha thing??? Well, I have....well sort of....of course, I don't have all the dirty details, but here's what I think I know: Martha owned tons of stock in some company.....the company was just about to hit the skids.....her best friend at the company calls and tells her "the company is just about to hit the skids.....sell your stock before it's worthless".....she calls her broker and sells the she might go to jail. Hmmmmm. Like I said, I don't have all the details....but I think you get the gist. So let's analyze this. What would you do??? If someone called, and told you to sell your stock because tomorrow it would be worthless.....would you just keep it??? I mean....I know we're getting into gray areas here.....but if you were in her shoes (oh! the foot topic again!)....what would you really do??? Do you think this is something she should go to jail over???? I personally don't think so. And actually....isn't the person who leaked the info more in the wrong than her??? Hmmmm.........

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2002-09-29 - 9:55 p.m.
Since I sort of live on the edge of a wildlife refuge, I often wake up hearing dozens of birds chirping and chattering away outside my window. I never really paid much attention to them (except for the fact that they usually wake up earlier than I do....and try to wake me up with their chirping!)...that is....until today.

But first, let me tell you about my neighbor. For some reason, a lot of people in this neighborhood like to have parrots and other large squawking birds that they teach to say "Polly wanna cracker"....over and over. Some are creative....there's one guy who's bird sounds just like a cell phone! I used to live next to him....his cell phone was ringing constantly! Turns out it was just his bird....I couldn't believe sounded exactly like a cell phone!

Anyway....our neighbor has taught her parrot to whistle....just like you might hear a construction worker whistle at some beautiful babe walking by. The parrot does this over and over and over. Thankfully, we rarely hear the parrot.....she lives across the parking lot from us, and ususally the parrot is kept inside. But every once in a while, she likes to air the parrot and brings it this morning. So I woke up hearing a construction worker whistle at a babe....over and over........and that was when the magic happened (No! not that kind of magic!)

The birds....that cacophany of birds that I hear every morning....were trying to mimic the parrot!!! (I'm not kidding) At first, I thought I was just imagining it....but then they got it right....they did the whistle almost exactly.....then there was a quick flurrry of chirping and chattering, like they were they realized they had got it right! Then the parrot would whistle....and they would whistle back....the parrot would whistle twice in a row....they would do it twice. It went back and forth for about a half an hour.....whistling....then a flurry of chirping....then more whistling.....and they had it down!!

It was sooo amazing.....I wish I could have recorded it....these wild birds mimicking....perhaps communicating with the caged was unbelievable. The parrot taught them how to whistle! I wish you had been there!

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2002-09-28 - 8:05 p.m.
Right now, my fridge is going "a~chugga chugga chugg~a....a~chugga~chug chugga...chug~knock~grrr~grr~tk~tkkk tk gr..rrr"....should I be worried????! This fridge is less than a year old! Hmmm....

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2002-09-27 - 10:04 p.m.
The Friday Five!

1. What are your favorite ways to relax and unwind? There are so many different ways to relax.....sometimes it depends on what I'm trying to relax and unwind from. But a walk on the beach always seems to work no matter how stressed or depressed I am. And of course, a good strong cocktail is always a key ingredient in relaxation. Then there's massage....but that's really like bonus relaxation...since it's not something I can afford to do everyday.

2. What do you do the moment you get home from work/school/errands? Well, I don't have a job with regular hours...I don't go to school....and running errands can occur at any time.....but generally, when I get home from anything....even from the grocery first thought is, "Time for a cocktail??!"

3. What are your favorite aromatherapeutic smells? Unfortunately, I don't have much of a sense of smell anymore (dreaded sinus problems).....but my Love has an acute sense of I try to find bath gels and lotions that have scents that he likes......there's nothing more aromatherapeutic than hearing him say "Mmmm, you smell sooo good!!"

4. Do you feel more relaxed with a group of friends or hanging out by yourself? Actually, I think it's more about getting to know people.....I'm always nervous when I don't know people very well....I get very nervous before going to a party or meeting a group of people that I don't know....but once I get to know them and they know me, I feel much more relaxed. But I do like hanging out by myself....or just me and one other person....sometimes that's better than being with a group...although sometimes it's worse....depends on who I'm with.

5. What is something that you feel is relaxing but most people don't? The only thing I can think of that fits that definition is driving. Driving for me can be almost Zen~like....and I don't mind doing those marathon 12 hour drives that I do. Sometimes, the best thing is to just get in the car and drive somewhere!

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