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2002-09-26 - 10:54 p.m.

Today has been a weird day.

As I predicted, there was no reason for me to get up early....they didn't turn off the water until noon...and the exterminators came after I could have slept practially all day!! But no, I got up early. Then, at the last minute, we were told that we needed to take everything out of all of our cupboards so the exterminators could spray....then we'd have to leave the apartment (with our cat) for at least 4 hours. Hmmm.....I guess I should have thought of all that, but I've never lived where there are bugs....I've never needed an exterminator!!

Anyway, after dealing with all that, I had a doctor's appointment up in Hollywood. It was just a routine appointment, and we thought it would be a good way to kill time while they sprayed the apartment. Alan and the cat were going to wait in the car while I had my appointment.....shouldn't take more than 15 minutes, I said....then we'll drive around the city until the apartment's done. Little did we know! I didn't walk out of the doctor's office until FOUR HOURS LATER!!!!

I should have seen the writing on the wall when I first got there. They told me they were running behind, and that I should just leave and come back in a half hour or so. At first, I thought this was a good thing....they're being upfront with me, letting me go out for awhile, rather than just wait. WRONG. When I came back they said, "OH! Back so soon?!" Hmmm. So I waited and waited......and waited. I could write a novel based on the characters in the waiting room....but it's a novel you don't want to read!

Finally, my name was called....and I thought, "This is it! I'm almost outta here!" But NO! I was just moved to a new waiting room! It was now after 3:00....and the person next to me had been waiting since 12:45! ARGH!!!!! I kept calling Alan, giving him updates....trying to decide if I should just leave.

Then, my name was called again. Yay! I'm so close now!...NOT!!! I was taken into an exam room and told to undress......but wait 6 minutes before I undressed. Hmmmm. This doesn't sound good. 6 minutes?! What's up with that??! Of course, it was just another stall tactic. At one point, I could here people talking outside my door, trying to decide who was first. I heard someone say, "Oh....this one....she's been here a lot longer!" I thought sure they were talking about me. NOPE! I was in there another 20 minutes before anyone came in!!

Yes, finally, the doctor did come in to do the can I describe her. She came in and started looking for her stethoscope....looking in her pockets....looking on the counters.....and I had to point out that it was the thing she had hanging around her neck. should not have to point out to your doctor where the stethoscope is!!!!

Hmmmm. So that was my day! And I owe a great big debt to Alan for waiting all that time in the car....with the cat! (Thank You Alan!) Tomorrow....we're sleeping in!!!!!!!!!!!!

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2002-09-25 - 11:12 p.m.
I have to get up early tomorrow. Those who know me well....know that I'd rather just stay up all night, than get up early. It's a funny thing....I never want to go to bed....insomniac is my middle name....I have bad dreams.....I can't sleep. But the minute I know I have to get up sleep improves....I don't ever want to get out of bed....the bed feels like the best bed I've ever slept in....the sheets and pillows so luxurious.....only I can't enjoy it, I am robbed of the best sleep I've ever had...... because I Have To Get Up EARLY! (Yes, I know it's only psychological.)

I'm getting up early tomorrow because they are going to do some maintenance on the building which involves needing access to my apartment and turning off the water. But they can't give me the exact time! I just hate that! Let's say I get up super early....ruining the best most luxurious sleep I have ever just know I'm going to have to wait all~day~long for the maintenance people to show up! Of course, if I don't get up .....they'll be knocking on the door bright and early.....the water will have already been turned off.....I won't be able to take a bath......etc. I can't win!!! Argh!

So, I guess I better go take a bath now....and go to bed early (although, no matter how early I go to bed.....I still won't want to get up!)

Sweet dreams everybody....see you tomorrow......bright and early!!!!!!

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2002-09-25 - 12:04 a.m.
It's almost midnight....and I have no topic!! I was going to post pictures in lieu of a topic, but something is wrong with my compact flash card, and I can't get the pictures off of it. Then, I thought I might tell you about my search today for a new health insurance policy....but that's not a very interesting topic. So then, I thought I might ramble on about the ingredients in bath gel....because I happened to be thinking about that at the moment.....but that's sort of....not a very interesting topic. I could tell you about how foggy it was today....but that's such a short topic. And, I could tell you that when you run out of everything else to drink, that Tribuno Extra Dry Vermouth is actually quite palatable....but, again, that's such a short topic. I have no topic! My mind is wandering all over the topic!!!

Maybe tomorrow......

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2002-09-24 - 12:57 a.m.
The Coelacanth. (pronounced: see~la~kanth).

Is it a tropical drink......or prehistoric fish???? Only Zelda knows for sure!

Many years ago, there was a commercial for cars or mufflers or something like that.....I don't remember anything about the commercial, except at the end there's this sort of redneck car mechanic who says, in a totally deadpan tone, with a southern accent, "it's just like the legend of the Coelacanth".....

I can't begin to give you the jist of that had to have been there. But for some reason, that word Coelacanth has alway stuck with me. For the longest time, I thought it was just a funny commercial....then, at a thrift store, I ran across the book written by the guy who actually found this prehistoric fish! It was not a legend at all, this was a real fish! Of course, nobody remembers that commercial.....nobody could share my silly joy of finding that book! So it has long since been forgotten.

Until today! That word "Coelacanth" popped up on Zelda's blog! She want's to create a cocktail called The Coelacanth....I can't wait....I don't know what's in it, but from now on, this is going to be my drink of choice!...."bartender, I'd like a see~~la~~kanth...... "

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2002-09-22 - 6:50 p.m.
Santa Monica. Little BlogCon of the West! So we were all supposed to meet up at the carousel. Somehow, I got confused and thought ferris wheel (turns out, I wasn't the only one thinking ferris wheel!).....and on top of that, Alan and I were a bit late. We couldn't find anyone!! We were looking all over....and were just about to give up, figuring we'd screwed this up big time, that everybody had moved on already......when, all of a sudden, Fransisco! appears out of nowhere. It turns out that we had walked right past everybody (probably twice!!), in our efforts of looking for them. Of course, the first thing everyone says to me is "Where's the cat???!" I suspect that I will never be able to live~down the fact that I brought my cat to Las Vegas and to the first BlogCon meeting. I expect now, every time I see these people, the first question will always be, "Where's the cat???!"

Alright, so we finally got the group together and headed up to the Third Street Promenade looking for something to eat. All were hungry, but no one could decide where to go. Finally, we settled on the California Pizza Kitchen, where the staff of the restaurant seemed a bit frightend when all 13 of us walked in, but they were actually great....the service was amazingly good for such a big group. Anyway, this is where I first got to know KD's daughter, Amanda.....but to me, she will always be known as Avocado Girl! Let me explain. Amanda is a beautiful blonde girl, soon to be 20ish.....who only eats raw food. At first, many of us thought this to be a bit unusual, but she had very persuasive arguments as to why....and it actually sounded like a very refreshing diet. (Although, I think I did see her sneak a bit of pizza.....shhhh! don't tell anyone!) But, here's the thing that will endear her to me forever.....she brought an avocado with her purse....and she gave me half!!! Avocados are in my top 5 list of favorite foods.....if there's something with avocado on the menu, I order it! (in fact, the pizza I ordered had guacamole on it!) So Amanda has my vote for being the coolest person there. I really hope she comes to the next Blog meet (although, I'm not sure if she has a blog....I'll have to find out!)

After we ate, we found out there was one person still trying to find us, who was hopelessly lost, Yvonne! At first, Mikey had her on the phone, and was trying to give her directions....then he started passing the phone around, and everyone was giving her directions! Eventually, we drifted over to a nearby bar to wait for her......which was actually a much better place for chatting with eveyone. We decided to go to the upstairs bar which was just opening as we basically we had the whole place to ourselves for a while. The funny thing about this place was the piano player.....he kept playing songs like the theme to "Mr. Roger's Neighborhood" and "Knick Nack Patty Whack".....all these kid songs and TV themes.....a bit odd for a bar....but we all had a good giggle over it when we realized what he was playing.

Then, Yvonne arrived!! And I must say, she got the party started! (You people who left, really missed out!) So then, Skits, Fransisco, Yvonne, Mikey , Alan, and I hit the streets looking for further entertainment......and we found it at Gotham Hall. Skits has declared this our permanent club house for all future get~togethers, and it really is the best possible place I think. We played pool, we drank (yes, I had too much fun, again! Ooops!), we hung out, we chatted. It was very cool.

Finally, Alan and I decided it was time to crawl back to our car....said our goodbyes to everyone.....and then got lost trying to find the parking garage! This was not entirely a bad thing, because we ended up in front of my most favorite restaurant, The Ivy! Temptation took over all my good sense, so we went in and had crab cakes and smoked salmon pizza.......(yes, you can call me a lush.) Eventually we found our car....and our home.....and our bed......and that's the last thing I remember!!

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