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2002-09-21 - 12:14 a.m. I'm getting lazy. This week, well, the last two weeks have all been about "later" and "I promise" and "tomorrow".....I've really been neglecting the blog. And today, I was really going to throw myself into it, but then there was a medical emergency: my doctor's nurse thought I might have a blood clot in my leg, due to my knee injury 2 weeks ago....she told me to go to the emergency room immediately! Major freak~out time....much worry....and a whole wasted day blood clot, just bad evil knees! I am fine.

So I spent the rest of the day eating out, having cocktails, and watching TV. I earned it, don't you think??!

This blog will be back to it's regularly scheduled blogging tomorrow. Stay tuned!

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2002-09-19 - 11:44 p.m.
La Cucaracha! So have you ever been sitting on your couch, watching TV.....and then look over and see a cockroach racing rapidly in your direction???!! I am from Oregon. This does not happen in Oregon. Or at least, it doesn't happen in Astoria, OR. The most I've seen in the way of insects there is spiders and those foot long ants (OK, they're not a foot long, but they're bigggg! And they eat buildings!).

Yes, I know, all of you people who live in bug laden areas are now thinking of me as a wuss! Well just go ahead.....I'm a wuss when it comes to fast moving bugs!!! I will pick up snakes, I will pick up lizards, I will kill ants, and I will leave spiders alone.....but I will RUN from cockroaches!!!!! I will not tolerate cockroaches!!

I've never seen a cockroach at my place in Los Angeles. Until now. I've been away from here for two weeks.....when I left, everything was squeeky food, no nothing. I come back....cockroaches!!!! I was sitting on the couch tonight.....and, well, you know the rest!

Of course, this means war. I will not have cockroaches lurking around my house.....running around on my couch!!!! Gross!

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2002-09-18 - 11:37 p.m.
OK.....I know I promised more pictures, but tonight I give you a movie! Yes, I know it's sort of silly, but really, it's quite here to make your own movie! And then click on over to KD, and thank her for directing us to this site!

Also, I want to remind everybody that we're all getting together this Saturday at the Santa Monica Pier, at 2:00pm, in front of the carousel. If you didn't get to go to the original BlogCon, now you've got a second chance....just drop everything and go!!!! Of course, even if you were at the original BlogCon (you know who you are!)....just drop everything and go!!!!

Stay tuned.....

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2002-09-17 - 9:54 p.m.

Finally....I give you pictures!! The Railroad Park Resort is where we stayed on the trip from San Fransisco to Astoria.....the place where you get your own caboose! Our caboose had a great little loft~like seating area that you had to climb up to, but was a really cool place to sit an sip martinis and watch the sunset (equally great for sipping the morning coffee too!)

Tomorrow, I'll try and get some more pictures up...(sorry Acidman, no red toenail pictures just yet!.....and also, Acidman....this is the kind of place I'm talking about when I tell you there's no internet access...these kind of places don't have "business centers".....sometimes they don't even have phones!) Now I hope you'll all let me know if this slideshow thing takes forever to load.....I'm doing it this way because I think the page loads faster than if I had just posted individual pics. If it's not working, or if it's really, really slow.....please let me know. Thanks!

(P.S. You all know that you gotta click on those little arrow things up there to do the slide show, right?? Just checking!)

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2002-09-16 - 10:43 p.m. I'm no fun tonight! Yes, I know, I promised photos.....I looked at the photos....started editing the photos....but still no photos. It's one of those days....I've been running around, trying to catch up on all the things that need catching up on.....and now I just want to take a bath and go to bed! But before I say goodnight.....there's one thing I forgot to tell you yesterday......

If you've ever driven between San Fransisco and Los Angeles, you know that it's just miles and miles of highway through long, long stretches of nothing....just dusty farmland and desert. You don't want to break down or run out of gas out there because it's a long way to the next exit....and there might not be anything at the next exit. And at this time of year, it's also very hot....hovering near 100F most of the day. So when I pulled off for gas, I thought it was very odd to see a guy rollerskating!! He was skating away from the gas station as I pulled in.....then when I got back on the road....there he was, skating down the side of the highway. Of course, as it turns out, he had run out of gas, and just happend to be lucky enough to have his skates in the car! Much better to skate to the next exit, than have to walk!!

So my advice is....along with all the other stuff you put in your emergency travel kit.....carry a pair of skates!

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2002-09-15 - 10:54 p.m.
Ahhhh......home at last! Yeah, I're thinking, "which home???! Where is she now???!" I live in too many places!.....but, finally, I'm back in Los Angeles. I think this is the place that feels most like home to me now (and it's the only one that has BROADBAND!!) And speaking of broadband, one of the things that struck me the most on this trip was that there are sooo many people out there who don't have any internet access....and don't care at all. For them, the internet does not exist. They don't get email...they don't have cell phones....many do not have answering machines....and a few people I met didn't even have phones! How do they live???

I, on the other hand, have wayyyyy toooo much technology....and can't bear to live without it! At one time, my Love and I counted that we had five computers up and running at our house....not including PDA's. When we travel, we are a mass of cables and chargers and memory cards and phones and cameras and laptops.....and did you pack that? or did I pack that??? And dread if we should forget one vital piece!!! And double dread if there are no local dialup numbers!

Well,'s good to be'll be good to sleep in my own bed tonight.....and it's sooo good to be back on my own internet connection!!

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2002-09-12 - 11:00 p.m.

Hello from Grants Pass, Oregon! We are now settled in at The Weasku Inn.....and it is fabulous! You could easily imagine Clark Gable and Carol Lombard sipping cool drinks out on the deck of the main lodge.....or enjoying the view from their cabin....or Clark getting up early to go fishing, while Carol sleeps in. This place is like a piece out of the past.

When we arrived, they were serving complimentary wine and cheese in the Lodge....later they had fresh baked chocolate chip cookies and milk....and tomorrow, we have been promised a great array of fresh baked pastries and other breakfast goodies. You get the feeling like you're staying at some wealthy friend's cabin in the woods....but without being pretentious at's actually very laid back. And it is really out in the woods! Right now we are listening to a cacophany of crickets....I don't know if I've ever heard so many crickets, so loud! And there is that darkness at night that you only get in the woods....when you turn off all the lights and you can't see anything! I love it!! If you ever get up in this area, you really should make a point of staying's much better than I expected, and much much better than their website makes look.

So goodnight, everyone....I'm going to go sit out on the deck and enjoy the crickets, while I finish my martini...............

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