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2002-07-31 - 10:02 p.m.
Absoulely nothing happened today....and I cannot think of one interesting thing to say. But...they say a "good" writer can make anything interesting.....just like they say a "good" actor can read the phone book and make it seem interesting.

Now, given that opening paragraph ....I should be launching into some ordinary topic....bringing you close to edge of boredom....only to pull you back with my brilliant writing skills.....then I would gradually drag you right up to the edge of your seat....and you would become so enthralled that you would just have to keep this point, I would be walking that fine line between keeping you and losing this is where I must provide you with the limousine that will take you over the climax , drive you around a bit.... then bring you to a screeching halt...right at the end. You would now be satisfied.....because, not only have you arrived safely....but you have also been entertained.

I think I need to work on this a bit.....

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2002-07-29 - 11:42 p.m.

Yesterday, we set out on a mission to find more "pop in bottles". We had seen on some TV show that there was a store in Los Angeles that sold every different kind of soda/pop in glass we had to go. Our friends (the ones who originally told us about "Beverage Warehouse") decided that we should make a day of we set out in their car....and they drove us all over L.A. in search of soda pop and food.

But it got a bit complicated.

Originally, the plan was to go to Galco's, shop around, then go to dinner. ( But, as it turned out, our friends had another plan. ) Galco's closes early on when we were done shopping, it was still way too early to go to the place we had planned to have dinner. It was then decided that we should take a little tour, and stop at some little place(s) along the way....maybe splitting some appetizer between the four of us. But everything was CLOSED! One after another, every restaurant we stopped at, was closed.

Now...let me just make a note here: had any...or all of these places been open....I think we would have stopped and had something at each and every one of them...(that, it seems, was really the plan....only we didn't know about it!)

Finally....after much navigating....and a bit of friction between the driver and the navigator, we ended up at a place that was open. The atmosphere at this point was "tense".....appetizers were consumed....and we moved on! (There are so many little side notes that I could give you at this point....but, I think you get the idea) Eventually, we found our way to the "main" restaurant, and after some food and drink, everyone was happy again.

In the end....I was able to find Orange Crush in the old style glass bottles at Galco' it was worth all the trauma! And Galco's was quite interesing in's like a small town grocery store where time stopped...long ago.......only now, all they sell is soda pop (and beers) in glass bottles from all over the world. It's a fascinating should go there!

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2002-07-28 - 12:38 a.m.

Pop in bottles! (this means "soda" for those of you who grew up anywhere other than the west coast of the US) Here's the thing.....up until about 7 years ago, you could still get pop in glass bottles in Oregon....then they permanently switched to plastic bottles and aluminum cans. It was only on rare occasions....when the Coca~Cola company was feeling commemorative....that we would see glass bottles re-surface.

I grew up in Washington state, where glass bottles were discontinued sometime in 1970' it was a great novelty to find "pop in bottles" whenever we traveled to Oregon. Then, when I moved to Oregon in 1991, and heard that the glass bottles were soon to be discontinued.....I bought cases and cases of "pop in bottles" like they were gold. Everyone knew pop/soda tastes better in glass bottles, but everyone thought I was crazy for buying it. Then when it was know.....! I live in California...and it's been a long time since I've seen "pop in bottles"......I used to search small grocery stores in small towns hoping to find a few last bottles.....I've even called soda pop distributers looking for those old style glass bottles.....with no luck. So I've long since given up.

That is....until today. We were at a place called "Beverage Warehouse" that a friend had recommended.....and I nearly had an orgasm on the spot when I saw Squirt in a glass bottle! They also had diet coke in the original glass bottles! Positively orgasmic!!!

Yes, of course, I'm sure you are all thinking I'm just insane......pop/soda in glass bottles may be a commom thing in your part of the world. If that is the case, I would really like to know!

Otherwise, stay tuned....tomorrow, another soda pop escapade.....

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2002-07-26 - 2:02 p.m.

Thanks, Zelda!

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2002-07-25 - 11:40 p.m.

Hey it's time for a new page and a new photo...don't you think?! Stay tuned.......

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