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2002-07-24 - 10:57 p.m. I need your opinion here. Fish Tacos. Here's the thing....usually you get a couple of tortillas that have some sort of grilled white fish and some shredded cabbage to start with.....then you have a plate of condiments which you can salsa, guacamole, sour cream....etc. Right?!

So tonight we went out to this place that used to be just a beachy fish and chips place....but now is trying really hard to be a frou frou French restaurant (but is actually more like a cross between the two.) Anyway, I ordered the fish tacos. Hmmmm. It was the usual affair....except the fish was served separately (not in the tortillas).....and it was mixed with the salsa. Hmmmm. Now I don't know why this bothered me. I usually put salsa on my fish tacos. But somehow, seeing the white fish mixed with the red salsa....just wasn't doing it for me. And the salsa was more like a tomato sauce than a salsa. And I really don't like tomato sauce with fish. Hmmmmm. But I almost always put salsa on fish tacos.

So what's up with that??? I mean it's basically the same thing. Perhaps it was just the presentation that turned me off. It tasted good....but it just didn't seem right. Am I insane??? I want to hear your opinion.

White fish and it bad etiquette to mix them?? Fish and tomato sauce...yes or no??? Hmmmm......

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2002-07-23 - 10:31 p.m.
OK....over the next few days, I'm going to be updating my site and adding some new a gallery...and a page devoted to the Sewing Genie, due to popular demand. Let me tell you, if you want to make a million dollars....come up with an idea like the Sewing some TV ads....then wait for the money to start rolling in! I get sooo many hits from people searching for the Genie....I almost can't believe it! Why didn't I come up with this idea??? Why doesn't the company hire me???? Maybe I should send them my resume (and my stats log!)

Anyway...while I'm reconstructing...adding and building....I might not post everysingleday!! But stay tuned....because I might just post everysingleday!!!

And in the mean time....I want all you people to start making your travel arrangements to go to BlogCon! Please, please, please....just drop everything and make reservations to go to Las Vegas the weekend of August 23!! You know you want to! And it would be sooo great if all you people who read me/I read you......well, you know..... if we could all meet....and in Las Vegas.....wouldn't that just!?!?!?!?!? Go....go go go go go....make those reservations now!!!!!

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2002-07-22 - 11:36 p.m.
IT'S ALIVE!!!!!....I just went down the hall again, and the TV we turned off moments ago, is on again....this time switching through all the itself!!!! We had to pull the plug! Have any of you out there had this sort of thing happen???? If so, I'd really like to know!!

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2002-07-22 - 11:19 p.m.
A spooky thing happened tonight.....a TV that we never use...turned on by itself! Now, I'm not superstitious (well, not too much) and I don't think I believe in ghosts (well, not too much). But there is absolutely no possible explanation as to how that TV got turned on. It's in a spare room, on the floor....I didn't even think it was plugged in!

Earlier, I had been in that room using the exercise bike...but I never use the's basically just stored there. Later in the evening, I went into the room to turn off a fan that I had left on...but even at that point, the TV was not on. But now, just a couple hours later, I walk by that room....and the TV is on!!!! Spooky!!!!!!! How did that happen???? I'm feeling just a little creeped out by this!!!!

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2002-07-20 - 6:14 p.m.
OK....everyone knows how to figure their age in "dog years" right?! (Just multiply your age by 7.) But do you know how to figure your age in "Victoria's Secret years"????

First, take the average age of a Victoria's Secret model (be generous, say 20) and subtract that from your age....then, take the average weight of a Victoria's Secret model (be generous, say 105) and subtract that from your weight. Now add those two numbers together. If you don't like that number, as a bonus, you can add or subtract the number of inches that a Victoria's Secret model is taller than you (be generous, say they're 5' 11''...or if you have to, say 6' 2''). And there you have it! That's how old you are in "Victoria's Secret years."


So how old are you?????

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2002-07-19 - 9:21 p.m.
Alright!....which one of you people gave me this cold?! I never get sick....haven't had a cold in at least two years!! But right now I'm downright raspy!

( it's not your fault!)

Last night we stopped at a cheesy little bar on the way home from Malibu...and I'm pretty sure that it is the root of my downfall!! It's a little Irish bar that I've driven past a hundred times or more on my way home from the grocery store. I've always been intrigued because they advertise that they are the home of "Turtle Racing"! This time, we decided to stop. (This is sort of a pattern with me.....give me a martini or two at a high-end place...and on the way home I'll want to stop and try some cheesy, low-end bar we find along the's amazing the fabulous places you can find this way. They might look scary on the outside....but once you get inside, they can turn out to be one of the best places you've ever been....but that's another story...) "The Turtle Bar" was not one of those fabulous places. And I didn't see any turtles.

As we were sitting there sipping our drinks.....and analyzing the black specks floating in my martini.....I happend to look up and notice that there was a great big blue "B" posted on the wall!! (You see, in Los Angeles, the health department has a rating system for businesses that serve food and drink, and those businesses are required to post their rating. Let me just say, you don't want to be drinking at a "B"!!)

So now I'm just sick as a slug! I just want to go to bed! guys have all the it starve a cold, feed a fever.....or feed a cold, starve a fever????? And should I work out or should I just go to bed??? Help me!!!!!!!!

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2002-07-18 - 10:42 p.m.
Tonight we drove up to Malibu to do "happy hour" at Duke's Barefoot Bar and Grill. The food there is half price from 4 -7pm, and it's really good! We had some fabulous fish tacos and chicken quesedillas (one of my martinis ($7) actually cost more than all the food!) Even though the service tends to be a little slow....the place is right on the ocean....waves splashing against the windows..... and with food so good and so's worth the drive (about an hour during rush hour....but more like 35 minutes in the off times).

So why am I telling you this??....well, even after living in California for almost a year now, it still amazes me that I can just "drive up to Malibu" for dinner. I don't know what else to guys should just move out here!!

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2002-07-17 - 10:44 p.m.
And a drum roll please!!!......alright....I promised to tell you....the picture I posted yesterday, magnified with a 60x microscope, is actually a blackhead.....that's right...the very seed of acne!!! (Do I hear a collective Eeeewww?!?!)

Now let me just say....this is not my blackhead! I had a volunteer....who shall remain protect their privacy and dignity. But have to respect their willingness to sacrifice...something...for our entertainment!

OK, I'll stop being silly......but really, isn't that amazing??....I was quite fascinated that a tiny blackhead actually looked like that under the microscope.

Now I think we should all go wash up!!

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2002-07-16 - 11:03 p.m.

I had to put this picture up because I find it so fascinating. It was taken with a 60x microscope that was connected to my friends computer. Although I already know what it is, I wanted to give you guys an opportunity to tell me what you think it is. If you have any guesses, or if you know, please tell me in the comments. Otherwise, I'll tell you tomorrow. So speak up!!!

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2002-07-16 - 12:24 a.m.

Tonight's Big Brush With Fame.

We were out having dinner with friends at a one of our favorite restaurants, Bandera (they have no website that I can find, otherwise I would point you there...but it's at the corner of Wilshire and Barrington). It's actually a really fabulous place...they usually have a little live jazz going on....the drinks are huge!....and the food is comfort food in large portions!

Anyway....there we were....sipping our cocktails....when one of our troupe says, "Isn't that Ron Jeremy?!?" And actually it was!!

Ok....for those of you who don't know about Mr. Jeremy....apparently during the 70's he was a major porn star....recently someone made a documentary about him, which has catapulted him back into the spot light. He has been appearing on TV shows (and just about everything else for the last year ) to promote this film.

And there he our restaurant!!! Well....I didn't know whether to be excited or repulsed! The others at our table, who work in the film industry, were like, "hey...isn't that that guy?! yeah...I think that's the porno guy!!" Then we effortlessly moved on to another topic.

So.....that's my brush with fame for tonight. Stay tuned, it can only get better!

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2002-07-13 - 7:55 p.m.
Free panties??? Free boxers?? Oh yes!! Click here, but hurry....the coupons only good until July 21. Now don't say I never gave you anything!!

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2002-07-12 - 8:04 p.m.
Alright....since the Friday Five people are on vacation this week, I decided to do my own "Friday Five"......let's just call it the "Weekly Five" for sort of a spinoff. So here's the deal: Answer the following five questions in your own weblog (make sure you leave a comment here with a link to your post) or just leave your answers in this post's comments section.


1. When you travel, what odd item(s) do you always pack....even though your travelling companion asks, "why do you have to bring that?

Well....when I was a teenager and obsessing about my weight, I used to always bring the bathroom scale with me (much to the chagrin of my parents!).....but I've stopped doing that (even though I'm still obsessing). Then, for a long time, I used to bring a toaster oven.....since on these marathon drives I do, one never knows if the motel is going to be near a restaurant (that you'd want to eat at!).....and you can do a lot with a toaster oven! But now, I think the most offending item I carry is my electric I can have a guarantee of coffee in the morning (I also pack instant coffee)!

2. Other than price, how do you decided on which hotel/motel you will be staying at?

First, I go for as much luxury as I can afford (yeah, I know I said other than price....but a lot is based on that really).... I pick out the most luxurious hotels, then see if I can afford them at Hotel Then I pick the closest one to where I want to be. If I can't afford any of the "good" hotels, I pick based on a sort of point system. The place earns points if it has any of the following: room service (bonus points for 24 hour room service), a restaurant/bar in the hotel, a mini bar in the room, a spa, late check out, do they allow pets, luxurious bedding/room amenities. Well, you get the idea.....I go for luxury....the hotel/motel that offers the most luxury for price and location wins! (although I have been known to stay at Motel 6....just don't tell anyone...sshhhh!)

3. When you get to the hotel, do you unpack and use the drawers in the room or do you just live out of your suitcase?

No....I never use the drawers....I have this phobia that I will leave something behind if I do that......and, more truthfully, I'm just too lazy! My Love always makes a point of unpacking and putting everything thing in the drawers as if it was his own house (he's soooo much more organized than me!) But I tend to live out of my suitcase.....oh, and when I pack, I don't fold....I just cram! (He folds!)

4. If you are staying at a place that offers room service, do you order room service?

Room Service is my middle name! If they're offering, I'm ordering! No doubt about it. The first thing I do when I get to a hotel room is seek out the Room Service menu. When I was a child, travelling with my parents, they would never let us order room now I always order something....probably out of rebellion! Once, in Reno, Nevada.....I earned a free night's stay because I had ordered sooo much from room service during the week I was there!

5. Do you ever leave a tip for the maid? depends on the service, but generally yes. If the room is obviously not clean, then no tip....but if it seems like they are trying, I leave a dollar. If the room is impeccable, I leave more. A long time ago, I worked as a is hard work.....and most people don't tip. Once in a while, someone would leave me some change....usually about a dollar.......and that would just make my day!!!!!

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