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2002-07-07 - 10:16 p.m.
Alright...I'm off tomorrow...12 hours of solid driving to San Fransisco. I'll be there for a day before heading back home to Los Angeles, so posting will be sparse over the next few days. Hey's a thought...those few bloggers out there that actually have my cell all should just call me up while I'm on the road! I've got nothing better to do than drive for hours, and hours, and hours down some long straight pieces of highway. And it might make for good blog material later, for everyone involved....or not....but if you feel so inclined....just call me up!

Until then....stay tuned everybody!!!

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2002-07-06 - 11:12 p.m.
This morning I was awoken by a bird flying over my head and promply crashing into a nearby window. Now, it's not uncommon for birds to get into my building. There are some rather large garage doors on the side of the building....and in the summer, the birds tend to find their way in through the space above the doors. Usually, they fly in....thrash about for awhile...then find their way out. But every now and again, there is a wayward soul who seems to find every window to smash into instead of taking the obvious path out. Today's bird was one of those! But this bird was rather odd....

It's very rare that a bird actually gets into the bedroom. Actually, I don't think I've ever had one get that far! Usually, they just fly around in the garage area ....sometimes making it to the living room (keep in mind this is a warehouse that's been converted partially into a living space) But to get to the bedroom....this little bird had to duck through doorways....and fly through curtained off areas....not an easy path for a bird.

I tried to ignore it and go back to sleep...(since it was way too early for me to get up)....but the darned bird wouldn't let up! It kept flying into things....flying over my head... and making loud bird sounds. Ugh! So I got up.

I decided I would make some coffee, check my email, etc....then deal with the bird....(if it hadn't already found it's way out). But....just as I was getting out the coffee....WHhoooshHHhh!!!!! The bird flew over my head and perched on the wall just in front of me! This was quite amazing because to get from the bedroom to the "living room/kitchen" is not a direct path. It would have been much easier for the darned bird to have just flown back outside than to make it all the way into the kitchen. Clearly, this bird was on a mission!! First waking me up....then following me! Hmmm!

At this point, though, I wasn't too worried because I know it's a lot easier to get a bird out of the "living room/kitchen" area than anywhere else in the building. So I did the normal the windows...turn off the lights (they fly towards light thinking it's the outdoors)......but this darned bird just would not get it! It kept flying into everything...even the windows!....but it would not go out.

Finally, it landed on the sill of an open window. It sat there...almost, "should I do it, should I do it...?" It hesitated...turned...looked back into the room. Then....after an eternity!! it flew away....out the window!

Now, what's up with that?! Why is it soooo hard for these birds to find their way out, when obviously they can navigate the whole building???! And why do they crash into windows, when just a few inches higher or lower the window is open???? And why was this bird trying to wake me up super early???? And, and and and.......I think it's time for me to go to bed!! If anybody out there has any bird psychology advice....let me know!!

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